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2021: An excellent year to listen in

2021: An excellent year to listen in

2021: A good year to listen in
A hit series about climate action. The drama of COP26. Stories from Vanuatu to Brooklyn. These are our top audio stories of the past 12 months.

It is not to be denied

UN News/Laura QuionesCOP26 takes place at the Scottish Event Campus. It is a Green Tourism Award-winning venue in the heart Glasgow.

A brand-new series was launched in anticipation of COP26 which is the most important UN conference on climate change since 2015. It is not to be denied.

Stars such as Michelle Yeoh, Ed Norton, and young climate changemakers, from across our warming planet, were there to lend their voices to this series. They showed how it is possible for communities to make changes, which can help us to make a major shift in how we interact with our environment.

One highlight was the premiere episode, which featured actor Ezra Miller as well as Dana, a Canadian First Nation leader. Tizya-Tramm. Mr. Tizya Tramms remote community has relied for many years on oil being flown into its generators to power them. But, a new solar installation project will enable the community to stop burning nearly 200 000 litres of diesel fuel each year.

Tears, fears and fossil fuels

Conor Lennon/ UN NewsProtesters außerhalb of the COP26 conference site

COP26 was announced in November. This was one year later than originally planned due to the COVID-19Pandemics, and Our team was in Glasgow12 podcasts per day, filled with emotion and intrigue

They witnessed the huge climate demonstrations, which included the angry denunciations made by Greta Thunberg, youth activist. A flurry of announcements promised massive reforestation and significant cuts to fossil-fuelled energy production. The frustration of frontline States faced with rising seawaters that could see them submerged, wiped off the map in just a few short years.

Durban 20 years later

UN Photo/Loey FelipeTendayi Akhime, Special Rapporteur for Contemporary Forms of Racism and Racial Discrimination, briefs journalists at UN Headquarters, New York. (October 2019)

Twenty years ago, at a conference called Durban in South Africa, the UN adopted a landmark statement to combat racism.

UN News published a series podcasts, videos, and features to mark the anniversary. They show the many ways racism can still be found around the world and the ways it can be overcome.

We heard from Derrick Lon Washington, an African-American dancer who is on a mission for his community and beyond. Tendayi AchiumeUN expert on contemporary racism and intolerance. He leads a global effort to combat human rights violations, and tackle systemic racism.

Click here to isten on Soundcloud Here For Mr. Washington HereMs. Achiume.

Inspiring women in Vanuatu

OHRLLS/Ginny StoneGeorgiilla Woor, a Vanuatu-based law student and community activist.

We took our listeners on February 2nd on a virtual trip around the island State of Vanautu with Island Voices, a podcast series that describes some of the ways women in the country are trying to break down barriers.

We met RismaAn elite-level young surfer who has had to face many of the challenges that come along with being a female pioneer in a male-dominated sports, and an ambitious young politician Georgilla Worwor, and Sergeant Bianca SimeonShe was the first woman to join the Vanuata Police Maritime wing’s Maritime wing when she joined it 11 years ago.

Click to listen to Soundcloud Here For the surfer, this Link For the politician Here for the police officer.

Not fossil fuels, but rubber.

UN/Joon ParkFormula E car at 2021 New York Race in Red Hook, Brookyln.

The Formula EMotorsports championship came to New York this Summer. We were there to capture the sights and sounds, but not to smell the fuel burning, often associated with racing.

The fully-electric championship has been around for less then a decade. However, major manufacturers are now lining up to compete in the series. This series is growing in popularity just as the electric cars it promotes.

We spoke to some major players in the sport to find out how they are fighting climate change and advancing sustainable development.

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We need to improve our ability to help the most vulnerable people in the world

UNHCR/Will SwansonEmergency Response Coordinator Mark Lowcock and a group Rohingya refugees from Myanmar in Kutapalong Refugee Park, Bangladesh on 26/04/2019

Mark Lowcock, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, saw the desperate situations of the world’s most vulnerable people with his own eyes.

After four years as the chief, he resigned in June. spoke in depthHe shared his memories with UN News during his time there. Mr. Lowcock noted that the increasing number of people who need humanitarian assistance is unprecedented and will continue to rise unless countries work together to combat climate change, conflict, and disease.
Click Here Soundcloud:

Remember Auschwitz: coping with the aftermath

Subcarpathian Rus Jews from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum/Yad Vashem are subject to a selection process at Auschwitz–Birkenau, Poland.

A few weeks after a mob stormed US Capitol, the 76th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp provided another reminder of the fragility and consequences of democracy and the consequences of allowing authoritarian regimes take control.

This podcast contains some of the following:You can hear the voices from survivors as well as the poignant contribution by Angela Merkel, the German leader, and leading UN officials speaking out against intolerance, racism, and neo-Nazism.

Click Here Soundcloud can be listened to.

You can listen to the No Denying It podcast again, and subscribe to our ongoing podcast series The Lid Is On wherever you get your podcasts.

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