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A Hybrid Hotel-Style Work Environment Could Be the Answer to the Post-Pandemic Office Question

A Hybrid Hotel-Style Work Environment Could Be the Answer to the Post-Pandemic Office Question

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BluShark Digital used a more traditional office setup before Covid. Everyone was assigned a desk and each department was organized. We were unable to implement WFH on a large scale but had to accommodate a completely remote workforce by force when the pandemic struck. We decided to not renew our office lease in December 2020 as Covid was still raging. We worked almost a year without an office, and discovered that it was possible and allowed us to function even better.

As we adjust to a new normal post-pandemic, our company has adopted office hoteling, which is a hybrid model that extends hot-desking’s free-form layout to the entire office. It eliminates assigned desks and seating. This concept has been around since 1990s when AT&T and IBM began exploring open office floor plans. However, as trends continue to head hybrid, other companies such as CitiGroup and American Express Co. are also adopting it. The workplace model is changing and hoteling may be the right solution for business owners looking to provide flexibility for employees while maintaining productivity.

Here’s why.

Save money

Hoteling can reduce the need for office space which can be a major expense for an organization.Experts estimateA single desk in a high quality office space in real estate furniture, technology and more can cost as much as $18,000 per year. GlaxoSmithKline makes an estimated $800 per year in savings $10 million per yearIt adopted an unassigned office-seating agreement.

If employees work from home, it doesn’t make sense for them to have their own desk or seat in the office. You can reduce overhead costs by keeping fewer desks in the office. Because fewer people visit the office, and they do so less often, there are more office resources available for paper, equipment, or other office tools.

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Provide flexibility

Covid-19 has made it necessary to accommodate WFH. More people want that flexibility and office hoteling allows them to do so. Everyone can come to the office hotel at any time of the day or night, whether it’s morning, afternoon, or all day. Our content team is massive, but many are more introverted so they work from home even though they have the option to come into the office on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Today,Nine out of 10 workersTo stay ahead, you may want to work remotely or in a hybrid environment. Hot-desking works on a first come, first serve basis. However, office hotels offer fair access to spaces that employees can reserve in advance. This means that no one will ever go to work and find no desks, which can reduce productivity. It can be difficult to stay on track with the changing office environment. However, the option to work from home is always available.

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Improve collaboration

More space in offices hotel workspaces facilitates collaboration and better team building. Employees can schedule to go in with their departments but they can also come in alone and end up sitting with other departments. This allows for new networking opportunities. Even though links has their office day on Wednesdays, they never take up all the space and there is always enough room for someone from another department to come in.

The diversity of the week is enhanced by working in a different environment each day. With everyone having equal access to office resources, hoteling allows for more productive work. A hotel workspace is similar to working in a coffee shop or at the library. It feels more structured than an office desk, but less rigid than an office. The change of scenery helps to break up the monotony and encourages a better work ethic.

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Keep everyone happy

Office hoteling offers employees flexibility, which allows them to have a better work-life balance. This makes them happier and helps improve their overall well-being. There are many events that happen right after work. It is easier to work from home when you don’t feel pressured to be at the office. It helps to foster trust by giving employees the freedom to work from home and in the office.

Some employees like coming to work a few days less than others. The flexibility of having options creates a more relaxed environment and takes away the fear of going to work every day. It can be stressful to drive in traffic. Some commutes can take more than an hour because of all the walking and transferring on public transport. According to Harvard Business Review conducted a survey1300 respondents reported a 41-minute decrease in commute times and a 37-minute increase in personal activities, especially in the morning.

Most companies are adapting to the new reality of post-Covid living, and making their offices more user-friendly for employees. Remote work is here to stay. It has changed hierarchies, office layouts, and the way employees use them. However, some people find it too distracting. While laundry, cleaning the windows, and walking the dogs can distract from the main task of working, an office hotel allows employees to have a dedicated workspace, away from any distractions, when they need it. With more collaboration spaces, fewer workstations, and the flexibility that employees desire, hoteling is likely the future. Office of the Future.

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