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A study has shown that gas stoves can have an adverse impact on public health and climate change.

A study has shown that gas stoves can have an adverse impact on public health and climate change.

The study was conducted from Stanford University scientistsThe study, which was published in the journal Science, found that the climate-warming effects of gas stoves in US households are the same as those from half a billion gasoline-powered cars. This is much more than scientists previously believed.

“This study confirms what environmentalists have been saying for more than a decade, that there is no evidence of a global warming problem. [such thing as]Clean gas is not good for our homes, our communities, or the climate,” Lee Ziesche (community engagement coordinator at Sane Energy), told CNN. “Fracking gas is warming the planet and harming our health, from the drilling well to our stoves in the kitchens.

Methane, which is the main component of natural gaz, is a potent planet-warmer. Scientists believe it is 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide in the short term.

The study also revealed that harmful nitrogen oxides, a byproduct from burning natural gas, can quickly reach dangerous levels in homes without rangehoods or with poor ventilation. This is especially true in small kitchens.

Gas stoves, ovens, and other gas stoves can leak large amounts of planet-warming methyle regardless of whether or not they are turned on. According to the study, stoves release 0.8%-1.3% of their natural gas as unburned methane into the atmosphere.

While it may not sound like much at first, Eric Lebel, lead researcher for the study, said CNN that it is a “really huge number” when you add up the methane that is produced during transmission and production.

“If someone claims they don’t use their stove and so they don’t emit any methane, then that’s not true. Most of the stoves we measured had at most a slow bleed while they were off,” stated Lebel, who was a graduate student at Stanford University. He is now a senior scientist at PSE Healthy Energy.

Researcher Eric Lebel attaches sensors to a stove to measure how often it is used.

Lebel stated that NOx, or nitrogen oxides, pose a particularly dangerous risk to children and the elderly. They found that the amount of gas burned is directly proportional to the emission.

Lebel explained that turning on another burner will cause more NOx. The concentration of these gases depends on the size and ventilation of your kitchen.

Planet-warming emissions surged faster in the US than expected in 2021, analysts say
The study comes as many US cities, including some in California, New York, and Massachusetts, are moving away from including Natural gas hookupsIn new homes. Green energy advocates argueThe transition to renewable energies will be made easier by switching to electric appliances from gas. According to this study, electric appliances are more efficient than natural gas-burning appliances.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, there was more than 40 million gas stoves within US households in 2015. However, the percentage of gas stoves in certain regions is higher.

The study also suggests that federal government underestimates methane emissions from homes. Researchers found that it was 15% higher than the Environmental Protection Agency estimate for residential methane emissions in 2019.

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Charles Koven, a scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who was not involved in the study, said that “This new study shows how widespread greenhouse gas pollution is.”

Scientists say this invisible gas could seal our fate on climate change

He stated that “Getting to net Zero is not about replacing fossil fuel-burning power plants or cars with more efficient alternatives.” “We need to take a look at everything that uses fossilfuels, even tiny sources like the gas pipes that power our stoves, and see that they can all have huge climate impacts.”

In a focus area was methane emissions Important UN climate report August, in which Koven was the lead author. Scientists have found that the atmospheric methane concentration is higher than it has been in at least 800,000. These findings suggest that reducing methane will be the most effective way to alter the trajectory of global temperature over the next ten years.
Natural gas has been called a “remarkable resource.”bridge fuel“This would allow the US to transition to renewable energy as it is more efficient and emits less carbon dioxide when burning. Experts say that this plan underestimates the potential for it to leak into the atmosphere, causing significant warming.

Lebel stated that he hopes policymakers will use his research to help decarbonize homes and make appliances more energy-efficient.

He stated that it is not just a matter of climate, but also a matter of health. But, it’s both. When deciding whether to ban gas, people should consider the climate and health effects as well as the benefits of electrification. It seems pretty clear what science is showing.

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