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According to MEP, EU environment program to benefit Wicklow

According to MEP, EU environment program to benefit Wicklow

One of the MEPs representing Wicklow said that a new EU-related programme will be beneficial for the county.

Grace OSullivan, reland South MP, was a leader in negotiations for the 8th EU Environment Action Programmeuntil 2030. Grace describes the program as “massive”, complex, and important legislation on the environment, climate change, and other issues.

The environment programmeis a framework designed to accelerate the EU’s transition to a climate-neutral and clean, circular, and well-being economy.

It provides legislative support to ensure that the right actions are taken in areas that can make a positive impact on the planet and people, such as eliminating fossil fuel subsidies and moving beyond GDP towards a Wellbeing Economy. “For that action to occur, massive work is required and massive commitments necessary,” said Wicklow’s MEP.

The will is there. The action is taking place. It’s happening here in Ireland. Reflecting back on the past year, and looking back at a lifetime’s worth of activism, I am proud to see concrete, impressive, meaningful, and impactful actions as a result the hard work of my party members and my team.

The past year has helped us all to see the important things. The climate and biodiversity crisis has been brought into sharp focus by the fact that we all have had to deal with the collective trauma of trying to navigate a global emergency. The collective movement that was created to combat the pandemic has proven its effectiveness.

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The programme’s goals include adaptation to climate change, advancing toward a wellbeing economy where the planet gives back more than it takes, protecting, conserving, and restoring biodiversity, and reducing key environmental pressures associated with the EU’s material and consumer footprints. The European Parliament & Council still have to adopt the framework.

We are all working together to tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis. This is happening at every level: at the family level, at the community level, and at each individual level. We have a huge fight ahead of us. The planet is in deep danger. There is hope if you get things done together,” said the Ireland South MEP.

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