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Additional evidence | Environmental threat

Additional evidence | Environmental threat

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Further, rare winter fires
climate change evidence

Re. “Winds ease in Big Sur firefight,” Page A1, Jan. 24:

Climate change has brought about winter fires that were rare before and their associated lung-damaging smoke. The Colorado Fire in Big Sur is not an unexpected disaster, nor is the Marshall Fire. They’re the predicted outcome of our fossil-fueled economys accelerating emissions of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere. The bad news is that if we keep the status quo, all of us will die.

The good news? We can change our minds. We know how stop adding fuel to the flames.

It is clich to say it, but the fact that clean energy transition will create millions of jobs locally is true. Locally, you can only build rooftop and community solar, offshore wind, and the grid infrastructure and charging infrastructure to bring power to the people.

Climate action is now, no more half-measures

Helena Birecki
San Francisco

Proposed trail could be dangerous
Niles environment

The proposed Niles Canyon TrailIt would be an environmental disaster and destroy critical habitat for the Alameda whipsnake.

Everyone is trying to preserve more habitat. One wonders if the Bay Area, supposedly environmentally conscious, would want to destroy more habitat.

Mike Vandeman
San Ramon

Santa Rita population
Must be reduced

We need to decrease the population of Alameda County Santa Rita Jail.

Last week, in A court hearingA proposed settlement regarding jail mental healthcare services was presented to the community. Several community members gave testimony for over two hours, opposing the settlement as it doesn’t reduce jail population. It also fails to recognize the harm that investing in jail mental health services can cause for public safety and mental health.

A second hearing was set for Thursday, to hear directly from inmates. This was possible because of community organizing. 25% of inmates suffer from serious mental illness. Over 85%Pretrial inmates refer to those who have not been convicted. The vast majority of prisoners can stay in the community and get better treatment if we invest in community options rather than continuing giving the sheriff a blank check.

Natasha Baker

U.S. must ratify treaty
Nuclear weapons are banned

Tri-Valley CAREs travelled to Livermore Lab to celebrate the first anniversary. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. We rang bells, thanked each of those 59 countries that ratified it, and the dozens who participated in the process.

It was encouraging to see countries take responsibility under the 1970 Non-Proliferation TreatyTo pursue effective disarmament measures through the treaty. The treaty prohibits nuclear weapons development, testing, manufacture, acquisitions, possession, stockpiling and transfer.

We held banners declaring that Nuclear Weapons were Illegal and celebrated. We shouted, United States sign the Treaty! I am inspired by the countries that signed the treaty. They include nations of diverse sizes and traditions from Europe.

The world’s goal is to abolish these terrible weapons.

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Raiza Marciscano

Hanson’s latest incites
Instead of just informing,

Professor Hansons sensational essay (“Biden is leading U.S. toward a complete systems collapse,” Page A7, Jan. 21) is a calculated conservative propaganda piece filled with the usual strategic false and misleading factoids wherein Hanson decries wokism and blames Biden and the hard Left for all of societys woes and certain doom.

Hanson, a smart, well-off, privileged White man, is 68 years old and a Ph.D. scholar in Greek classics as well as military history. Although I admire his achievements, I find it hard to believe that he has any understanding of science, immunology and public health, economics, or history beyond war. He says he doesn’t care about the experiences of the oppressed, disenfranchised, or desperate citizens who were born without the blessings he has. He also labels government efforts to improve the lives of its citizens radical socialism.

Sorry, he lacks credibility. No thanks.

Elizabeth MacPherson
Walnut Creek

The right continues
to scapegoat Biden

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