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ADPD believes that citizens should be able to sue the government to protect the environment

ADPD believes that citizens should be able to sue the government to protect the environment

ADPD – The Green Party is calling for the Constitution to give citizens the right to sue the government if it fails to take action on issues of environmental concern. 

Carmel Cacopardo is the party chairperson. She stated that environmental policies should be inspired by the fact humans are part an ecosystem and must therefore be more than just an instrument to repair damage.

“Unfortunately, however, environmental destruction has continued as governments have only sought to satisfy today’s demands without giving much attention that this will many a time impact drastically on the future,” he said.

Cacopardo stated that ADPD has already suggested to the Constitutional Convention, Cacopardo stated, that the environmental principles in the second Chapter of the Constitution should be more than words on paper and serve as a guideline for government actions.

“It should be possible that individuals citizens seek Court protection where the government is procrastinating or failing to act or not doing enough. The courts have pushed the UK and the Netherlands governments to take action on climate change and air quality.

This measure will strengthen the status and rights of civil society and environmental NGOs. They will be able bring action in Maltese and if necessary European courts to achieve their goals. Cacopardo said that eNGOs should also be eligible for state aid in order to fulfill their obligations better.

“Stop playing video games!”

Melissa Bagley, Deputy General Secretary and Election Candidat, stated that a proposed location for a model aircraft airstrip on the periphery to al Far would be the equivalent of five football fields. It would also be located along a Natura 2000 site in Wied Nuber. This would lead to the destruction of agricultural land and the spoiling ecologically important areas.

Bagley stated that Natura 2000 sites should largely be focused on people working with the environment, not against it, as per EU environmental rules.

She said the land earmarked for the development had been described as ‘disturbed’ due to the agricultural activity on site. However, the destruction caused by the paving and landfilling garigue for the construction the mini-airstrip and clubhouse couldn’t be described as working with nature. She insisted that it would only increase human activity in this area exponentially.

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“Birebbua has already seen a lot of industrialization activity in their villages, which has negatively impacted the quality of life for the residents. This project would be another blow to the natural heritage.

“Stop playing games, stop the empty promises made on the eve of an election.”

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