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Airstream continues to make an effort to protect the environment

Airstream continues to make an effort to protect the environment

JACKSON CENTER – Airstream Inc., maker of the iconic “silver bullet” fleet of Airstream travel trailers and best-in-class touring coaches, has extended its program to help neutralize the estimated carbon emissions created by the manufacture and use of the company’s products to include Airstreams built in 2022.

This initiative, conducted in partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF), is part of Airstream’s ongoing Caravan to Carbon Neutral program, an industry-first commitment to the environment that debuted in 2021.

Airstream will direct underwrite the planting in 2022 of approximately 107,193 trees by the NFF.

These trees are expected to sequester the carbon estimated from the first year of driving all new Airstream touring coaches and travel trailers manufactured in 2022.[1]. This figure also includes carbon emissions from the manufacture and transportation Airstreams from the Jackson Center production facility in OH to dealers across the country in 2022.

“The Airstream community understands that protecting the environment is a forever commitment,” said Airstream President & CEO Bob Wheeler. “The Caravan to Carbon Neutral initiative has more than proven its worth as yet another tool to reduce our collective carbon footprint — one that offers the added benefit of supporting our National Forests.”

Bob Wheeler serves as vice-chair of the board of directors of the non-profit National Forest Foundation.

The estimated 107.193 trees needed to sequester the carbon in 2022 was calculated using Airstream sales predictions for 2022, findings of an internal customer usage study, greenhouse gases equivalency calculators developed and maintained by the Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Transportation Statistics fuel efficiency estimations for gasoline-powered vehicles, and publicly reported estimates by Mercedes-Benz[2], an Airstream aerodynamics research and tree carbon sequestration estimations from the United States Department of Agriculture. The 2021 target was established using the same metrics.

Airstream will also continue to encourage owners to help sequester additional carbon emissions by purchasing annual “Carbon Reduction Kits” from the National Forest Foundation through Airstream’s e-commerce website, Airstream Supply Company. Each Carbon Reduction Kit purchase is tax-deductible, with 100 percent of the proceeds directly supporting the NFF’s tree-planting program:

Silver ($50): Plants 50 trees to sequester approximately 25 tons of carbon over the trees’ lifetime

Gold ($100): Plants 100 trees to sequester approximately 50 tons of carbon over the trees’ lifetime

Platinum ($250): Plants 250 trees to sequester approximately 125 tons of carbon over the trees’ lifetime

“We are pleased that Airstream has extended this effort to reduce the carbon footprint of its vehicles,” said Mary Mitsos, National Forest Foundation president & CEO. “These trees, thanks to Airstream and its community, will continue to make a difference in our National Forests and the environment.”

Nearly all Airstream owners (96%) responded to a 2020 survey asking about the state and future of the environment. So, it’s no surprise that many Airstream owners who purchased 2021 Carbon Reduction Kits offered enthusiastic feedback on the initiative.

These comments from purchasers are representative of the support provided.

“Great program. Thanks, Airstream and NFF!”

“Thank you for offering this program. This is just one of the many reasons we decided to purchase our first Airstream – a 2021 Flying Cloud 23FB.”

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“Being able to offset our carbon footprint is one of the main reasons we chose Airstream.”

“Let’s all chip in!”

The carbon sequestration initiative is just one facet of Airstream’s extensive effort to reduce its environmental impact. Electricity at the company’s production facility in Jackson Center, Ohio is offset by renewable energy credits purchased through Jackson Center Municipal Power’s EcoSmart Choice program. Airstream vehicles are also certified green by TRA Certification, Inc, a third-party rating based upon resource consumption, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and water efficiency during the manufacturing process.

Airstream’s innovative designers and engineers are continually sourcing new materials to reduce vehicle weight and developing more efficient processes to reduce the resources required to build and enjoy a “silver bullet.”

The company’s recently-unveiled eStream travel trailer concept features an electric drivetrain that can significantly reduce the fuel consumption of internal combustion tow vehicles and extend the towing range of EV tow vehicles.

Airstream is also collaborating with global experts to develop new concepts. Airstream continues to focus on sustainable travel, including ways to make it easier for electric vehicles to tow an Airstream and further electrification of all of Airstream’s travel trailers.

For more information on the Caravan to Carbon Neutral initiative or Airstream, visit the company’s social responsibility website.

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