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Amex GBT presents an environmental strategy

Amex GBT presents an environmental strategy

American Express Global Business Travel will soon be publicly listed. It is defining its purpose and leading on environmental, governance, and governance issues in order to assure investors that it can deliver sustainable financial performance as well as social value.

In the company ESG Report 2021Amex GBT states its commitment to operating its business in a sustainable manner with respect to the environment, local and global communities.

Its environmental strategy focuses on reducing its carbon footprint and developing greener solutions that benefit Amex GBTs clients as well as the entire industry.

Amex GBT’s three targets for environmental sustainability are: Amex GBT becoming the marketplace for green business travel; executing its 2021 commitment to science-based targets by 2023; and driving aviation towards net-zero carbon by 2050

Amex GBT has announced that it will use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), to help meet its science-based and net zero targets. It also hopes to scale SAF across the aviation value chain through its alliance with Shell Aviation.

Green marketplace for business travel is a strategy that helps clients reduce carbon emissions by using carbon calculations and data analytics via Amex GBTs products.

Its marketplace allows clients to shift their demand towards greener options, and travelers to make more sustainable choices at the point-of-sale.

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Amex GBT offers carbon credits from trusted partners to help clients and suppliers reach their carbon neutrality targets.

The ESG Report 2021 is a follow-up to similar climate action plans by travel brands such as Booking Holdings which aims for near-zero emission from its operations by 2030, and net-zero emissions in 2040. Expedia Group, on the other hand, aims to provide the best information and tools for customers to make educated decisions about their travel.

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