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How designer Mithi Kalra wants to create an environment friendly clothing inspired from Rann of Kutch| APN News
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Mithi Kalra, a designer, wants to create clothing that is eco-friendly inspired by Rann of Kutch

Published on January 3, 2022

A clothing line that is sustainable and environmentally friendly, inspired by Rann of Kutch

The current unhealthy environment calls for us to make efforts to preserve it. Mithi Kalra, Fashion Designer, decided to design to help. Mithi Kalra, a 25-year-old designer, has made sure that all threads used for clothing are 100% biodegradable and that buttons used in the dresses can be made from biodegradable wooden.

The collection derives and inspiration from the great “Rann of Kutch”, Kutch embroidery is a handicraft and textile signature art tradition of the tribal community of the kutch district in tribal community of kutch district in Gujarat, India.

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This embroidery has contributed a lot to the Indian embroidery tradition with its rich designs. Kutch work, which is typically done by women on cotton fabrics, can be done in the form a net using silk or cotton threads. This art is also available in silk and satin. When small mirrors are used to magnify the geometrically shaped designs, colorful embroidery sparkles.

Kalra has always been very particular about the fabrics. We use organic cotton which is a cotton that is grown without pesticides, chemicals or synthetic substances. It can take up to 5 months for clothes to completely biodegrade. However, once they are thrown in compost bins, they don’t harm the environment.

Kalra believes that if chemicals are used to make the fabrics, it causes more harm to the environment. Currently, there is a great need for resilient fabrics that are safe and can be used for a longer time. We are also inspired by this season’s kutch to be presented in a modern way for the younger generation. We have made no effort to make this art form accessible to as many people as possible. Keeping in mind the history of embroidery, we used the same techniques and tried matching the same motifs with modern touches for the younger generation.

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