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App Service Environment v3: Compliance-Oriented Industries

App Service Environment v3: Compliance-Oriented Industries

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. The Challenge: How can Regulated Organisations leverage Cloud-Based Marketplaces?
  3. What is an Azure App Service Environment and what does it mean?
  4. Key Criteria for App Service Environment v3 Compliance-Oriented Organizations
  5. Use Cases And Scenarios
  6. Delivery considerations
  7. Adoption of App Services Environments will have an impact on the stakeholders
  8. Conclusion: Start with KPIs and End in Mind
  9. Michael Delzer


Cloud-based platforms are increasingly being used by organizations to achieve their goals of digital first customer experiences, technology-based innovations, scalability, and operational efficiency. Regulated industries like healthcare, finance, and insurance have been caught in a bind. Cloud-based environments lack the compliance-oriented capabilities they require unless they are designed and managed from scratch. Compliance-oriented organizations are left with inflexible, inflexible, but compliant on-premises solutions.

The latest iteration of Microsoft’s Azure App Service Environment (v3), includes capabilities that make it worth considering for such scenarios. App Service Environment (ASE), which follows a Platform as a Service approach (PaaS), offers comprehensive application and service frameworks on which engineers can build business logic. App Service Environment is a single-tenant PaaS implementation that does not include multiple tenants. single tenant instanceCustomer traffic and cloud management traffic are separated on virtual networks with compute instances that are dedicated to customers.

This approach is especially appealing for regulated industries. App Service Environment v3 allows organizations to operate cloud-based services in a secure, policy-based environment. It also offers a managed ecosystem for application traffic that separates lifecycle management and operation. Cloud-based services are therefore as easy to manage and operate as in-house apps behind the corporate firewall.

ASE v3 enables compliance-oriented verticals fully to leverage cloud-based service. They can deploy and maintain applications at a lower cost with less technical know how, unlocking the potential cloud-based applications and allowing for digital transformation. Any business with large-scale corporate policies can also benefit from cloud-based services, even if they are not in regulated industries.

This report is intended for CIOs (CTOs), CISOs (CISOs), chief architects (VPs) of Engineering. We examine the Microsoft App Service Environment offering from a practical perspective. We examine the platform capabilities in relation to compliance-oriented scenarios. We draw lessons and strategies from these scenarios as well as end-user research.

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We conclude that App Service Environment 3 is a good option for regulated organizations looking to embrace digital transformation benefits offered by the cloud.

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