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Artificial living walls give urban environments a touch of nature with their natural appearance

Artificial living walls give urban environments a touch of nature with their natural appearance

Artificial living walls give an urban environment a touch of nature

Vistafolia Faux Living Walls In Urban Garden

Vistafolia Artificial Living walls at The Harbour Hotel

Vistafolia Artificial Green Walls in Urban Garden

Vistafolia systems, with decades of experience in horticulture and design, recreate the beauty of nature.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2022 / — The Artificial Living WallVistafolia panelsThey offer luxury living with easy maintenance. Artificial green walls are more affordable than living walls and require less maintenance than living walls.

Vertical gardens that are artificially created green walls are made up of a series panels connected by artificial plants. The same technology is used to create real living walls. Artificial living wallsYou can create stunning displays by using a combination of highly-realistic artificial flowers and plants mounted to panels.

The panels are perfectly interlocked due to the variety of patterns and compact planting. There are no join lines or squares because the panels perfectly connect. VistafoliaArtificial Living Wall Panels create a tapestry in textures and colors with 72 lush and 16 different varieties of plants on each panel.

No matter what application, artificial green walls can be installed indoors or outdoors to create a beautiful vertical garden. Vistafolia Artificial Living wallsThey have been used in many different projects around the world.

Urban environments can enjoy the beauty of nature by using artificial green walls as shared walls. The walls can be hidden and the neighbours cannot see or hear us talking. Artificial green walls are an alternative to brick- and concrete-built interiors and can be used to create urban gardens, urban gardening, and interior design.

Vistafolia’s unique system mimics nature’s beauty by using decades of horticulture experience. Their goal is to design products that inspire customers to rethink their environment. Their Research and Design Centre is a clear indication of their passion for creating and crafting the most beautiful artificial live walls.

Vistafolia’s artificial living wallThere are many advantages to using artificial plants over real ones. The most important is that they don’t require any maintenance and are relatively easy to install. Real plants can be tedious, time-consuming, and expensive to maintain. Vistafolia offers artificial green wallsThey are also resistant to UV and fire. faux green wallsThese walls are the best choice for you. You can have green walls inside and outside your home for many years.

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