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Biden administration promotes environmental goals while trying lower gas prices for Earth Day 2022

Biden administration promotes environmental goals while trying lower gas prices for Earth Day 2022

BOfficials in the iden Administration praised the White House’s environment goals ahead of Earth Day 2022. They also made short-term moves that increase oil production and reduce the price.

President Joe Biden stated his goal to reduce economywide emissions by 50-52% by 2030. This includes reducing the use fossil fuels and encouraging green energy sources such wind and solar. The president originally resisted projects like Keystone XL’s construction, but he has now resorted against record-high fuel costs.


A senior administration official stated that the United States was back on climate. “We’re taking steps to dramatically reduce our emissions, and to get other countries to take action.”

Biden’s top goal is to reduce emissions by half compared to 2005 levels by the end this decade. Biden administration officials stated that they are working to achieve this goal by cleaning up legacy pollutants and establishing a clean energy grid. This grid has set new records in solar, wind and solar production and was able to generate enough energy to power 10 million homes last fiscal year. Another goal for 2030 is to have half the new cars run entirely on electricity.

A senior administration official stated that “Clean Energy is the largest job creator in America’s Energy” and added that more than 3,000,000 people are currently employed in clean energy.

Reporters were able to use information from the background briefing call about White House Earth Day plans. However, they could not identify who it was from. Multiple media members pressed for the call to be recorded, but a senior administration official stated that it was “standard for what this administration has done” to hold background briefings.

Monday’s meeting of the National Climate Task Force is also scheduled. Other events will follow throughout the week to highlight how the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act reduces pollution and creates good jobs.

Senior administration officials stated that the tax credits and investments would lower the sticker price for electric vehicles, saving American families an average $500 per year, and help advance clean energy. “Every day in the Biden Harris administration is an earth day.”


The Biden administration has been fighting to save people money recently by lowering the price of gasoline rather than electric cars. Biden has released 1 million barrels of oil per day from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and has allowed 15% ethanol fuel be sold this summer. He is asking Congress to approve “use or lose it” legislation that would force oil and gas companies onto federal land leases.

A reporter asked if recent administration moves were in conflict to its long-term goals. A senior administration official replied, “The demand curve for a single month or week is going to be pretty elastic.”

The official stated that there are multiple routes in each sector. This means there are many paths across the economy to get to the destination we need to reach to reduce our emissions by 50 to 52% by 2030. “And we’re going do it.”

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