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Big Thief gives 1% of his tour income to climate charities

Big Thief gives 1% of his tour income to climate charities

Big Thief - Simulation Swarm (Official Audio)

Big Thief have made their pledge to donate one per cent of their touring revenue towards its continued efforts to tackle the climate crisis in a recently announced partnership with Brian Eno’s EarthPercent organisation.

Yesterday, the band announced that they would be joining the initiative. They also added that it would include their US tour from last year. In a post on Twitter, the group stated: “We are grateful to be part of this group which will grant [money] to organisations fighting the climate emergency in the most impactful ways.”

Adding: “The hope is that something like this could spread to our peers, especially those making money and maybe even become a standard for artists and those around the music industry (labels, DSPs, publishers, managers, booking agents, etc)”.

Ambient music and production mastermind Brian EnoLast year, he launched the EarthPercent initiative. He set a goal to raise $100 million from the industry to help climate change mitigation efforts. The initiative encourages artists and music-related organisations to pledge a small percentage of their income to the cause; this money is then directed to “the most impactful organisations dealing with climate change”.

In an appearance on Fay Milton’s Sounds Like a Plan podcast last year, Eno told co-host Greg Cochrane (also the drummer of Savages) about the scheme: “We’re trying to make it the cause of the music business, really, to say, ‘Let’s have a revolution’”.

“We’ve got quite a few people on board already,” Eno explained, “Either actually on board or with a commitment to join us. We’re not talking only to artists; we’re talking to agents, promoters, managers, record companies, publishing companies, legal and so on”.

He continued: “We’re saying to all of them, ‘We’re all part of this business together, and you’re as an important part of it as anyone else. Why don’t you join us?’”.

Stream Big Thief’s latest single ‘Simulation Swarm’ below.

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