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Boost Cat’s Health And Save the Environment

Boost Cat’s Health And Save the Environment

Perfect Kitty Litter Odor Control

It is easy to make small changes that can make a difference in reducing the environmental impact. They can all be used to help save the environment, from recycling to using reusable bottles to replace plastic ones. However, know that cat’s kitty litter could be hurting the planet?

According to estimates, 75% of cat litter currently on the market uses bentonite clay. This clay is very effective in absorbing moisture and odor. However, it can have a significant impact on the environment. Five billion pounds of clay are mined every year. Not only does this cause significant atmospheric emissions, but it can also cause digestive issues in your cat if they ingest it.

A new approach

Here It’s GON there is a new approach that can help not only save the planet but boost a cat’s health. That is why It’s Gon has developed a powerful and completely organic cat litter alternative that can keep the home smelling fantastic.

Capable of lasting up to a month, It’s Gon’s unique cat litter is a natural deodorizer, absorbing all of those nasty smells and leaving rooms free from odor. Some products simply mask the scent rather than remove it, but there are no artificial fragrances in It’s GON. This gives complete peace of mind that not only are the smells removed, but there are also no chemicals that could irritate the kitten’s paws or skin.

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It’s Gon’s all-natural solution also reduces the need to mine for clay, while the long-lasting nature of litter minimizes the amount thrown away, preventing tons of it from ending up in a landfill.

If looking to boost a cat’s health and lower the impact on the planet, check out It’s Gon’s full range today!

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