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Breslin Center environment to be on steroids for U/MSU rivalry clash

Breslin Center environment to be on steroids for U/MSU rivalry clash

The Michigan Wolverines have a great opportunity before them Saturday when they take on the 10th-ranked Michigan State SpartansEast Lansing. Although there is still much to be done before the NCAA Tournament, Michigan is now on the bubble. They have won three straight and changed the trajectory of their season.

Michigan is the underdog heading into this game. However, the Wolverines have been able shock the Spartans at Michigan before in some memorable games for Michigan fans.

The famous Nik Stauskas domino game to knock out the third-ranked Spartans

This beautiful upset was completed by Moe Wagner taking Nick Wards ankles.:

It will be difficult to win on the road, but it is possible. The Wolverines feel like last weekend’s win in a rowdy Assembly Hall prepared them for tomorrow.

You play Indiana at Indiana. Juwan, Howard and all those who have been there, know that it is very loud and intense. It’s a beautiful, historic venue that can be intimidating at times. It was amazing to see how our players handled this environment. We will not be discussing the matter at this time, but we know that Michigan States will be very similar. This is because there are two rival teams and one of them is an in-state rival.

Michigan knows that winning on the road is hard, but it’s even more difficult when you are up against a competitor.

Howard said that playing a team on the roads means they’re playing in front a home crowd. The bright white will be a treat for our guys, but we are bringing in the maize, blue, and that will make them feel even more excited.

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Michigan is confident about this rivalry game despite the challenges of traveling. This is due to the fact that it has grown from its adversity throughout the season.

Terrance Williams said that there were moments in the season when we had some similarities to the ones we had against Northwestern. It felt like we weren’t connected or together. But as the season progresses, you learn from your losses and how to overcome it the next time. Northwestern was a great example of this. Even though we were down seven, it was clear that we learned from our losses and gained knowledge about how we would come together.

If Michigan can get the win on Saturday on the road, it will be a huge boost to its NCAA Tournament resume.

On Saturday, Michigan State will play Michigan at 12:30 p.m. (CBS).

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