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By Prophet: France’s first environment-friendly mosque
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By Prophet: France’s first environment-friendly mosque

The Great Mosque of Massy, France’s first eco-friendly mosque, stands out because of its energy savings, efficient use of natural resource, and is poised for being the first environmentally friendly mosque in France.

The mosque was constructed in Massy, a suburb of Paris. It is distinguished by its glass dome, mostly made of glass minarets, and floor to ceiling windows.

It ensures efficient resource use with double-wall insulation and an underfloor heating system.

The mosque was inaugurated in 2019 and uses rainwater from the mosque to water the surrounding greenery.

The roof of the mosque is covered in a vegetative layer that prevents heat loss and heat energy, and produces oxygen.

The mosque cost 4.5million euros ($4.74million) and was built with donations from Muslims in Massy and other parts of France.

Mahmoud Ismail (chairperson of the Council of Muslims of Massy) told Anadolu Agency that the Council of Muslims of Massy built the mosque based upon the teachings of Prophet Muhammad 1,400 Years ago and the principles of ecology as outlined in the Quran.

“Prophet Muhammad encouraged protection of plants, animals, and to avoid waste,” Ismail stated, adding that Islam had made “great contributions to world civilization in terms ecology.”

He called upon Muslims in Europe to say, “We need well-respected worship places in Europe.”

Although this mosque is a first in France, it is not the only environmentally friendly mosque in Europe. This honor goes to Cambridge Central Mosque in Cambridge, British city, which was inaugurated in 2019 and headed by President Recep Tyyip Erdoan.

That project had first begun back in 2008. Timothy Winter, also known to the dean at the Cambridge Muslim College as Shaikh Abdul Hakim Murad was instrumental in the acquisition and construction of the land.

More than 10,000 people and organizations donated money to the landmark purchase. The largest donation came from Turkish groups. The Qatar National Fund was also a donor.

Rain, which is a frequent occurrence in Britain’s weather, is not wasted. It can be stored and used by the mosque’s rainwater system.

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