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C.J. Stroud criticizes UCLA, USC fan environment

C.J. Stroud criticizes UCLA, USC fan environment

Ohio State quarterback C.J. C.J. Stroud, Ohio State quarterback, is originally from Southern California. However, like many high school players from his area, he went to school outside of Ohio. When asked why many Southern California high-school football players don’t remain in the state, Stroud pointed to two of the best programs on the west side. 

“You go to USC and UCLA games, and quite honestly, it’s just kind of boring. Without all the people,” Stroud told reporters, according to the Associated Press’s Joe Reedy. “They kind of just are there on vacation. You go to the other schools out of state and their fans are kind of like fanatics.” 

Stroud might be right when he compares playing in the Big Ten to playing at UCLA or USC in recent years. This is in terms of success as well as the environment. The Buckeyes sell out their home games consistently and are considered the best college football fandom. However, the Trojans and Bruins have struggled to achieve consistent on-the field success.

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