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Carbon Pipeline Plan Encourages Organized Opposition From Tribes / Public News Service

Carbon Pipeline Plan Encourages Organized Opposition From Tribes / Public News Service

Iowa’s company is seeking support for a multi-state project to capture carbon from ethanol plants and move it underground for storage. Advocates for tribal communities insist that their voices should not be ignored in the public debate.

Summit Carbon Solutions would like to build a pipeline through five US states, including Iowa. Storing undergroundNorth Dakota

Carbon-capture supporters argue that it benefits the environment.

Brian Jorde, a managing lawyer at Domina Law Firm, is involved with legal strategies to fight such projects. He said that there are too many unknowns.

“How can these companies assure that there won’t be a disaster in the future, when they have no idea of the formations?” Jorde questioned.

He said that it is impossible to predict if carbon will move beyond storage limits. He spoke at a forum hosted by Great Plains Action Society and regional tribal leaders.

They fear that the projects will not only harm landowners but also could affect water supply and other resources for Indigenous communities. Summit insists that it will engage with tribes.

Donielle Wanatee is a Meskwaki Nation member. She said that companies have aggressively tried to secure land for previous projects, including the Dakota Access oil pipeline. Summit will be the latest example, she believes, even before permits have been approved.

Wanatee stated, “This is just scary, not only for Iowans but for everyone who isn’t aware that this is happening.”

Environmental and tribal groups urged residents along the route to be informed and encouraged them to speak out.

Summit is moving quickly to convince landowners to agree on land easements, they said. The company describes the pipeline to be the largest carbon capture-and-storage project in the world, and it would store up 12 million tons of CO2 each year.

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