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Chad Kuhl of the Rockies wants to throw strikes for himself as well as for the environment| Sports

Chad Kuhl of the Rockies wants to throw strikes for himself as well as for the environment| Sports

DENVER Chad Kuhl, the Rockies’ new starter, wants to throw lots of strikes like any other pitcher.

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It’s not just for him. Every strikeout sends $10 through the Players for the Pot to the Custer Galatin National Forest in Montana for wildfire prevention and recovery efforts.

Kuhl stated, “I’m just trying do whatever I can.” “We go through tons of plastic bottles. It’s not an option in a major league stadium. I’m trying something to counteract it a bit.”

Kuhl is a big hunter/fisherman and was introduced to Players for the Planet via Mitch Keller who was his Pirates teammate. Former playerChris Dickerson founded the organization to bring together professional athlete to help save our environment. There are currently around 100 athletes involved, spread across about a dozen sports.

The environment is often affected by sports, particularly baseball. For example, the Rockies will be traveling to the east coast four more times this year, including next weeks when they fly to Philadelphia. Stadiums go through thousands of plastic cups each night. Players are also more likely to throw away their drinks than refill them. Players for the planet tries to make up the difference. They have helped with beach cleanups and tree plantings as well as worked with major league clubhouses to reduce their waste.

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Kuhl knew right away that he wanted to be involved. However, he decided to wait until he was with the new team to pick a project in the exact same area as where he was currently playing. Two days after the MLB lockout ended, Kuhl signed with the Rockies. He decided to concentrate his efforts on theCuster Gallatin National forest, an area of 1.8 million square feet that borders Yellowstone National Park. It is about eight hours from Denver.

Kuhl only has one start with Rockies so far but already has $40 for this project. His record for strikeouts in a season was set in 2017, when he recorded 142 in his second major-league season. He signed with Rockies because he was offered the chance to start. Now that he’s pitching every five day again, he hopes he can surpass that number.

He stated, “The more I do, the more we all do,”

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