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China claims that average national smog levels will drop 9.1% by 2021

China claims that average national smog levels will drop 9.1% by 2021

Official data on Monday showed that air pollution levels in 339 Chinese cities have improved in 2021. The average concentration of PM2.5, small, dangerous, aerosol particles, fell 9.1% to 30 micrograms per cubic metres, from a year ago. China’s official interim air quality standard is 35 micrograms. However, the World Health Organization recommends a level of five micrograms.

The smog-prone northern region of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei had PM2.5 concentrations of 43 micrograms for 2021, down 5.7% compared to the previous year. The state has made it a priority to tackle heavy pollution in the area, especially before the Winter Olympics which will be held in Beijing and Hebei’s Zhangjiakou next week.

The Fenwei Plain in northern China, another heavily industrialized region, saw its readings drop 0.4% to 42 micrograms. Average PM2.5 in Shanghai’s Yangtze river delta manufacturing center, which includes Shanghai, was 31 micrograms. That’s 11.4% less. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment reported that the average concentrations of major pollutants, including ground-level oxygen, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, decreased in 339 cities monitored last year.

China has made a concerted effort in China to reduce coal consumption for heating. It also encourages industries to improve efficiency and use cleaner technologies.

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