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CHP chair promises the return of Syrian refugees within 2 years after he is in power

CHP chair promises the return of Syrian refugees within 2 years after he is in power

CHP chair vows return of Syrian refugees in 2 years once in power

CHP chair vows return of Syrian refugees in 2 years once in power

The party leader Kemal Kldarolu stated that Syrian migrants will return to Syria in two years if the main opposition Republic Peoples Party takes power.


With a swell of trumpets, we will see our Syrian brothers in two years. Kldarolu said that we would ask them to travel to their country on their own initiative at an Ankara meeting for Hatay EXPO’s launch on Jan. 17. Hatay is located in the southern part of Turkey, bordering Syria. It hosts the most Syrian refugees.

Kldarolu stated that there are 900,000.000 Syrians living in Hatay. He added that this is a significant burden on the city which was once one the most prosperous cradles of civilization.

They are determined to visit their country and work in their own lands. They will also ask about property and life security. We will create the infrastructure. As he said, Hatay will be back to the good times.

Turkey is home to approximately 5 million refugees, of whom 3.6 million are Syrians.

CHP promises Climate Ministry


Kldarolu, however, has promised to create the Climate Ministry to address the environmental problems in Turkey once his party is elected to power in the coming elections.

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Kldarolu wrote that the Nation Alliance will create the Climate Ministry to coordinate the conservation and restoration efforts of the natural ecosystem. He said this in a letter he sent to youth over the weekend. The CHP is a major component of the oppositional Nation Alliance which also includes the Y (Good) Party (Democrat Party), and the Felicity Party (Participation Party).

Kldarolu pointed out that the world is in danger of ecological destruction and is rapidly becoming less livable. He said their policies to make Turkey more liveable are ready with international determination.
We will ensure justice in climate and nature, ecosystem, water and agriculture, as well as in all other fields. The letter stated that we will not build roads or dams to stop thousands of years of environmental justice.

He said that the Nation Alliance government will establish a ministry that will be largely run by today’s youth. Let’s make the most beautiful planet in the universe a healthy blue sphere together, with you, the youth today, and your children. Let’s begin with Turkey. Let’s save the environment for our country and the entire world. Kldarolu said that we can succeed and can change the future.

He stated that the CHP’s environment policy will evaluate surface resources according to ecological limits and conditions. The decision-making process is democratic and open for participation and direct control by young people.

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