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City News | Greensboro, NC

City News | Greensboro, NC

The City, together with the T. Gilbert Pearson Audubon Society, (TGPAS), and local businesses have created a plan that will help to protect migrating bird species that fly through the city in spring and fall, as well as conserve energy.

Lights Out is a program that began March 15th and will continue annually from May 31 to November 30. It will also be held from September 10 through November 30. This voluntary initiative requires that tall buildings and large facilities in Greensboro turn off or block as much light as possible during peak migration times. It is also expected that the program will reduce light pollution in the area.

Learn more about the program here TGPAS websiteAnd Contact the organizationSign up to take part in Lights Out

National Audubon Society statistics indicate that collisions with glass windows are responsible for as many as a half a million bird deaths annually in the US. These deaths are believed responsible for a 29 per cent decline in North American bird population since 1970.

Intense lighting in buildings and on windows can cause birds collisions with walls or windows, or cause them confusion. Birds then become weak and exhausted after landing. Lights Out programs in other cities have shown that bird collisions are reduced when lights are turned off at night.

Lights Out programs have been implemented in 33 US cities, including New York City.

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Greensboro had previously switched off all non-critical lights at night within City government buildings. This helped to implement the GSO2040 Comprehensive Plan goals for sustainability, energy conservation, and contributed to LEED for Cities recertification.

Chris Wilson, Deputy Mayor, said that our proactiveness in dealing with this issue has helped to save the lives and reduce light pollution in Greensboro, especially with the support of local business partners. Anything we can do for Planet Earth.

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