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Clean air grants benefit environment, businesses

Clean air grants benefit environment, businesses


Ventura County Air Pollution Control Board approved $2.3million in emission-reduction grants on April 12.

This year’s grants will be used to pay for new, less-emitting agricultural equipment that will replace 50 older, more polluting diesel engines. The total investment for 2022 air-quality projects will exceed $4.5 Million, including the cost-share contribution of grant recipients.

Ventura County Air Pollution Control District has given over $54 Million to businesses in Ventura County since 1999. This money was used to replace older equipment with cleaner, lower-emissions equipment.

There are three distinct incentive programs in the district that award grants to the most cost-effective projects. These grants are intended to maximize the reduction in smog-forming, toxic diesel particulate emission countywide. Most grants focus on reducing pollution in disadvantaged or low-income communities.

The board approved grants that reduced annual emissions by 25 tons of ozone precursors and 1.7 tons of diesel particulate material. It also approved grants that reduced annual emissions by 272 metric tons of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gases, which were approved on April 12.

Applications for the combined incentive grant grants to the districts are now open. Applications will be accepted until June 10. Tyler Harris can be reached at to be added to an email mailing list. You will be notified about any news regarding the incentives program, including when applications are available and when community meetings are held.

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