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Climate Change: A Community Discussion

Climate Change: A Community Discussion

Community Discussion on Climate Change

The Ridges Sanctuary will host Both in-person as well as virtualDiscussions based upon Regeneration: Ending Climate Crisis in One GenerationBy Paul Hawken.

Participants will discuss how the concepts of Justice is policyIndividual action, community and collaboration are all connected climate-crisis solutions. Ridges staff will moderate the discussion. Community expertsThey will discuss how their work intersects the climate crisis.

Meeting topicsWilding and Land are included Feb. 8, People and Cities March 1Food on March 22, and Energy and Industry April 12. All meetings will take place at 6:7:30 PM. in-person attendanceThe Ridges, 8166 Hwy. 57 in Baileys Harbor will be Limited.

There’s still time to register for The Ridges Sanctuary’s Nature Explorers program, set for Feb. 7, February 21st and March 7th, all 10-11.15 am. Nature Explorers is a science education program that was created for children. homeschooled studentsStudents in grades 1-3 who are interested in outdoor, hands-on learning. GuidedStudents will be guided through the mountains by a professionally-trained educator. diverse ecosystemsEngage in the activity to learn how to collect their observations and ask questions about the changing world around them. Hands-on investigationsThey will make connections with each other and the natural world with their peers. The program is $20 per classParticipation is limited 12 students per program.

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