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CM Dhami says Uttarkhand is a favorable environment for industries

CM Dhami says Uttarkhand is a favorable environment for industries

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On Sunday, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Sing Dhami stated that the state has a favorable environment for industry and that it will be the number one state in the field.

In a program that was organized at the residence Dr RK Jain, Chairman of Uttarakhand Minorities Commission, he interacted with representatives from various industries, business people, and hoteliers.

The Chief Minister stated that the message should be sent to the entire country indicating that Uttarakhand has a favorable environment for industries.

He said, “Our entrepreneurs are our brand ambassadors to the establishment of more industries within the state in future.”

He stated that industrialists come from all parts of the country and even abroad to work in the state. In this context, entrepreneurs play a crucial role. He also noted that the state environment is very conducive for industries.

The Chief Minister stated that there are efforts being made to maintain a constant dialogue with the government and entrepreneurs.

“All industries in Uttarakhand that have been established will be given every chance for growth and development if their problems are solved,” he said.

He stated that Uttarakhand would be the most important state in India in the area of industry in the next ten years.

“For the improvement of the state’s industries, the departments Energy, Medical Transport, Revenue, Forest, and Transport are required to work together. All departments have been instructed to cooperate with one another. Dhami said that the “Single Window System” has been implemented to achieve this.

The Chief Minister stated that more industry should be established in the State. The State Government is making continuous efforts to ensure that those industries are running smoothly.

The Chief Minister stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi always gives priority for the development of Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand is currently laying a network roads. Uttarakhand is making rapid advances in the area of transport, connectivity, and infrastructure,” he stated.

Representatives from various industries, business people, and hoteliers appreciated the efforts of the Chief Minister in solving the problems of traders, entrepreneurs, etc.

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