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“Collarwali” will be missed: Environment Minister

“Collarwali” will be missed: Environment Minister

Monday’s statement by Union Minister Bhupender Yodav stated that Collarwali, a famous tigress from Madhya Pradesh’s Pench Tiger Reserve, died on Saturday. Her contribution to restoring India’s ecological balance and increasing the tiger population will forever be remembered.

T15, a 17-year-old tigress, was awarded the title of’supermom’ for giving birth in eight litters to 29 cubs over 11 years.

“Collarwali,” the legendary tigress of Madhya Pradesh’s Pench Tiger Reserve, who many affectionally called Super Mom, will be missed,” the environment and forest minister stated in a tweet.

He added, “Her contribution to the restoration of the ecological balance in India by improving the tiger populations will always be remembered.”

According to the Pench Tiger Reserve, ‘Collarwali” died on Saturday at 6.15pm in the Karmajhiri Range of the reserve from old age. For the past week, a team made up of foresters was keeping an eye on the big cat’s condition. Pench Tiger Reserve visitors last saw the tigress on January 14. She looked very frail from old age. Experts estimate that a tiger’s average age is around 12 years.

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