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Commission seeks your views on strengthening measures to reverse the decline in pollinating insects

Commission seeks your views on strengthening measures to reverse the decline in pollinating insects

Today, the Commission opens an open public consultation about the revision of the EU Pollinators InitiativeThe EU framework to combat the decline in wild pollinators. This revision will support the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2020 to put Europe’s biodiversity back on track. The consultation is open until 9 June 2022 for feedback.

Virginijus, Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Sinkeviius said:

More than 75% depend on animal pollination to produce their food crops. Global food security is at risk because insects pollinators are essential for global food security. We must continue to address the causes of the alarming decline in wild pollinators and take urgent action to stop it. We can improve our efforts to protect them and ensure that they return with your help.

The Commission invites citizens to provide their views on the implementation and future direction of the existing policy framework. This consultation will also examine how to improve the framework. It will identify additional actions and resources that are needed to fully implement the initiatives goals and meet the 2030 commitment to reverse the decline in pollinators. Its results will be used to inform the revision process, and the Commission will work closely with Member States to develop a more effective policy.


The Commission adopted the following June 2018: EU Pollinators InitiativeThe EU Framework for Wild Pollinators is the first-ever EU framework.

The initiative set 2030 goals for:

  • Improved knowledge of the problem
  • The causes of pollinator decline must be addressed
  • Engaging society and promoting collaboration.

The initiative set out 10 actions and 31 subsections to guide the EU towards these objectives.

The actions encouraged a holistic approach to the problem and a more efficient use of existing policies and tools. This primarily focused on better mainstreaming pollinator-conservation objectives across various sectoral EU policies, such as:

  • Environment and health policies, including the Birds and Habitats Directives and EU legislation regarding pesticides;
  • The common agricultural policies
  • cohesion policy
  • Research and innovation policy

In May 2021, a Commission report was published on progress in the implementation EU Pollinators Initiative. The report concluded that the initiative is still a useful policy tool that allows the EU, Member States, and stakeholders to address the decline in pollinators. There are still many challenges to be overcome in order to address the drivers of decline.

For the EU pollinators initiative to achieve its objectives and the Biodiversity Strategy 2030 to fulfill its commitments, reinforced actions are required. European ParliamentThe CouncilThe Court of Auditorsto intensify EU efforts for pollinator conservation

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