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Connecticut’s Coordinator for the National Environmental Group is Sen. Cohen

Connecticut’s Coordinator for the National Environmental Group is Sen. Cohen

GUILFORD (CT) The National Caucus of Environmental Legislators voted Christine Cohen (D-Guilford), its 2022 Connecticut State Lead’.

According to a statement sent to Patch, Cohen will be responsible for coordinating appropriate, in-state events on environmental policy and growing NCEL’s network of state legislators who can help in advancing environmental issues across America.

Jeff Mauk, executive director of NCEL, stated that her role is vital to encouraging cross-state collaboration in environmental policy.

He stated that having a representative from each state to support NCEL’s work was invaluable. They are responsible for “introducing legislators to new environmental topics and facilitating introductions with peers across this country, creating new avenues of cooperation and sharing lessons learnt.”

Cohen, the Senate Chair of the legislature’s Environment Committee, stated that she is honored by NCEL’s recognition of her “environmental work” and “environmental responsibilities” in the state.

She stated that her current charge is to “bring people together for the betterment Connecticut’s air and soil.”

Cohen stated that environmental policy is now more than just business and transportation policy. He also stressed the importance of working across party lines to “share ideas at both the local and national level and find workable solutions for both environmental challenges and opportunities.”

The news release states that Cohen has “tirelessly” worked for Connecticut’s environment since being elected in 2018.

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Cohen was noted to have worked with “colleagues” to pass important legislation that secured offshore wind, solar net-metering and banned fracking waste.

Cohen led the passage and revision of the plastic bag ban bill. A ban on PFASChemicals in food packaging and firefighting foam, shellfish restoration laws, and creating sewage “right to know” laws. She co-chairs and created the bipartisan Coastal Caucus of the state legislature, which is a group that focuses on issues affecting coastal cities, towns, and waterways.

About the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators

It was created by and for state legislators and is a non-profit that organizes more than 1,200 environmentally conscious state legislators from all 50 States and both major parties. NCEL offers opportunities for legislators to exchange ideas and collaborate on environmental priorities, while incorporating notions of justice and equity at every stage.

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