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Delhi Environment Minister to Review the Impact of Tree Transplantation Policy

Delhi Environment Minister to Review the Impact of Tree Transplantation Policy

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Gopal Rai, Delhi Environment Minister has asked different departments to provide data about trees that they have transplanted in the capital as well as their health status, officials stated on Sunday.

Rai will preside a meeting Monday, where these data will be analysed in order to determine the impact of the “Tree Transplantation Policy” notified by government in December 2020.

“All agencies involved, including the Delhi Jal Board and municipal corporations, Delhi Development Authority (DDA), Railways, Public Works Department, etc., were asked to provide data about trees that they have transplanted. This is done to assess the impact of the policy,” a official said.

Rai will also make a call to appoint a common agency for all departments in order to conduct a tree transplantation audit.

The ‘Tree Transplantation Policy requires that agencies are required to transplant at least 80 percent of trees affected by their development.

The benchmark tree survival rate at one year after tree transplantation was 80 percent.

The Forest Research Institute, Dehradun (FRI), had completed an audit of Delhi’s sapling plantations between 2016 and 2019.

According to an audit report, 72 percent to 81% of the saplings that were planted in Delhi between 2016 & 2019 have survived.

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