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Do you want to protect the environment or ruin the fun for local children? – The Western Weekender

Do you want to protect the environment or ruin the fun for local children? – The Western Weekender

Protecting the environment or ruining fun for local kids? – The Western Weekender
Greg Nielsen is concerned about Council’s role as Werrington’s fun police. Photo: Melinda Jane.

After receiving increased reports from community members, Penrith City Council has taken steps to crack down on illegal bike jumps and tracks in the area.

Even though it may seem harmless, locals could face a fine up to $1,100 for what could be considered harmless fun.

A spokesperson for Council said that they are currently working with the community in order to find the best way of addressing the construction of jumps or tracks.

The spokesperson stated that once we are notified, we will investigate the site to assess the effects of these structures on the environment and safety risks for the public, before determining the appropriate steps to take.

Some pose a minimal risk to the public and the environment, while others can pose a significant risk.

Greg Nielsen, a Werrington resident, said that he was disturbed to see a Council notice banning jumps at Werrington lake Park, which is near his home.

A few kids made a small mound on top of which they rode remote-control cars and their bikes. It was a creative and fun idea for them.

I don’t know any of the children, so I have no vested stake in this. But it isn’t often you see children being able to entertain themselves outdoors without an electrical device, so I think it is a shame that this has been stopped by heavy-handed officials.

Nielsen, who has lived near the park for more than 20 years, said he didn’t think the jumps were a sufficient risk for Council to close it off.

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Werrington Park has definitely improved, which is largely due to Penrith Council’s attention to maintaining the area. However, the small mounds that I saw did not cause any damage to the environment or create safety concerns, he stated.

The local flora consists mainly in bindis, gum trees and exotic weeds. The whole area is away from the car parking, playground, barbecue area and the lake, where almost everyone gathers.

Council suggested that riders use the BMX facility at Blair Oval, St Marys or one of the City’s skate parks.

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