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Dolly Parton, the ‘Great Unifier’, speaks out for protecting the environment

Dolly Parton, the ‘Great Unifier’, speaks out for protecting the environment

Dolly PartonAmerican moral compass. The Jolene singer is a true inspiration. Her views on the environment show that she is on the right side. Here’s what she has got to say about protecting the earth.

Tennessees Own

Parton and Tennessee go hand-in-hand. Parton’s efforts are responsible for millions of visitors to her birthplace each year. Dollywood, her amusement park is located in Pigeon Forge. Parton’s song My Tennessee Mountain Home has been made an official state tune. Parton has been inspired by the region to do great work and is motivated to give back.

Very kind words

Interview with National GeographicParton spoke about the beauty and charm of her home state. The Smokies have a heart. It is the way the water flows, how it sounds and how it feels once you get in it. It may be because it is my home, but I don’t think so. It is one of those places God has placed for us to enjoy.

Parton considers the land sacred. Tennessee is a place where she feels a special kind of energy. Parton said, “There’s different music.” [now]But it is still part the Smokies. Its done here in the Smokies.

The Try Being Lonely singer believes that we have a responsibility to not only take from the environment but to give back. We should pay more attention. Parton believes we are mistreating Mother Nature. It’s like being ugly to your mama.

The 2001 Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee is certainly a master of words. We need to be more careful with the things God gave us. Parton concludes that this was because we were so easily messing up.

Money where her mouth is

Parton doesn’t believe words are enough. When wildfires decimated Western North Carolina and Tennessee, Parton had the Dollywood Foundation donate. 12.5 million dollarsTo save the region’s people.

Parton is a strong advocate for the environment. This is just one of the many ways she is helping the world. Parton personally funded the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccination. She was praised for turning down the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Parton isn’t in all of this to be praised, but because she cares about her planet. Parton shines bright in a world full of celebrities who constantly disappoint everyone.

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