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DVIDS – News – NAO Team Recognized by DVIDS for Securing IT Environment

DVIDS – News – NAO Team Recognized by DVIDS for Securing IT Environment

DVIDS - News - Tulsa District programs work together for the good of the environment

SUFFOLK, Va. The U.S. Fleet Cyber Command USFLTCYBERCOM Office of the Navy Authorizing Officials was recently recognized by the Department of the Defense CIO (DoD CIO), as an outstanding contributor to the DoD Information Technology Environment (IT). Operation Triton Bastion (OTB) is a Navy-wide effort that has resulted in the improvement of cybersecurity across all Navy networks.

The Risk Management Framework Campaign Plan (RMF), which was initiated under the command of Commander, Fleet Cyber Command, evolved into Operation Triton Bastion (OTB), which was designed to accelerate Navy’s transition from the DoD RMF. OTB was a named operation and established deliberate Lines of Effort. This created an operational sense of urgency. OTB developed unity of effort across Navy by creating a cohesive Navy-wide coalition. The Navy operation was successful because it established a shared commitment for cybersecurity and cyber resilience across all mission areas. This is vital for cyberspace operations. Several initiatives that were developed and managed under OTB are now part of the Navy’s RMF Reform.

“Triton Bastion laid a foundation for many related strategic initiatives,” stated Mr. Charles Hester (USFLTCYBERCOM Navy Authorizing Officer). “I’m proud of the collaborative effort of our teams to accelerate the U.S Navy’s transition to the RMF of more than 3000 information systems before the operational deadline.”

USFLTCYBERCOM – The OTB team consists of Mr. Charles Hester and Dr. Charlie Kiriakou. Ms. Teresa Duvall and Ms. Anishi Scott, Ms. Angela Avanzo, Ms. Carl Rice, Mr. Jesse Reyes, Commander Naval Warfare Systems Command, Ms. Deniese Cobbins, Mr. Ron Velasquez Ms. Dagmara Broadway and Mr. Neal Miller.

“It is incumbent upon us all to understand what we have within our portfolios and, through continuous monitoring, mitigate risk to the DoD Information Network,” stated Ms. Teresa Duvall (USFLTCYBERCOM NAO Mission Integration Division Head, Project Manager for OTB). “TRITON BASTION had a strong and positive effect on the Navy’s cybersecurity posture, while achieving 100 per cent transition to DoD RMF.

FCC is responsible in part for Navy information network operations as well as space operations and signals Intelligence. C10F is the operational arm for Fleet Cyber Command. It executes its mission through a taskforce structure similar to other warfare command commanders. C10F supports Navy and joint cyber/networks, cryptologic/signals, intelligence, and space missions.

For information and news from Commander, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command / U.S. 10th Fleet please visit Follow us on Twitter @USFLEETCYBERCOM, and on Facebook @USFLTCYBERCOM.


Date Taken: 02.23.2022
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