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Earth Day April 22nd – Lansing Earth Day – Help Protect the Environment

Earth Day April 22nd – Lansing Earth Day – Help Protect the Environment

Help Protect the Environment in Lansing on Earth Day April 22

There are many things to do throughout April. Easter Sunday will soon be here. My wife and I will be celebrating Easter Sunday on April 17.

We celebrate “Earth Day” a few days later, on April 22, which happens be a Friday.

Earth Day is an annual event that is celebrated all over the world to show support for environment protection.

I was reading an essay in the Lansing State Journal It is encouraging Greater Lansing events that help protect the environment.

Potter Park Zoo hosts one of the events, “Party for the Planet”. Here’s a list of the events. Lansing State JournalWe had to say:

Potter Park Zoo will host a Party for the Planet on Saturday, April 23rd, as part of the largest Earth Day celebrations across North America. The zoo offers hands-on activities that allow you to explore conservation issues. The event runs from noon to 4 pm. Find out more at

We are very grateful for all that Potter Park Zoo does to protect the environment. This event will be informative for all who stop by on April 23,

As we celebrate Earth Day in so many ways, you can get involved.

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Keep in mind that in addition to the events described in the Lansing State Journal you can also help by getting together with your family and friends to pick up debris from several lakes and rivers.

For example, if you know of a river trail that needs to be cleaned up, grab some 30-gallon trash bags and do your bit to clean it up. It’s easy as that.

This can be done in your own community. It’s all a matter of getting involved to make Greater Lansing an even better place to call home.

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