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Earth Week Series: Imagine a Day Without Environmental Lawyers – Environment

Earth Week Series: Imagine a Day Without Environmental Lawyers – Environment

I am not writing anything yet on the 52nd anniversary Earth Day
Another, often not very funny riff on Shakespeare’s plays
Most famous lines1Instead, I am inspired instead by one of the
Our most popular blog, written in 2017 and written by our talented former authors
Partner, E. Lynn Grayson: “Imagine a Day Without Water”
To launch our Earth Week series, daily blogs by EHS at our firm
department, I offer words and gratitude for the immense amount of work done.
The following are examples of the environmental protection and improvement efforts that have been made.
Lawyers, scientists, policy-makers, and members from the public are involved in the work.
public, to name but a few.

Imagine what scientists and lawyers faced in 1970, the Year of
The first Earth Day. It was filled with oppressive soot and polluted atmosphere
All across the United States, both in urban and industrial areas. The
Cuyahoga River was so infected it caught fire. Although there was
There was a federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEMA) and two new (2)
Environmental statutes – The National Environmental Policy Act
The Clean Air Act is one the most complex and technical laws.
Both statutes were written in the most comprehensive regulatory structure.
to be implemented and enforced. This
It was necessary to do foundational work when there wasn’t even an existing one.
Accepted method for determining, but less for regulating
Public and environmental health risk. Two years later, in
1972: The comprehensively revised Clean Water Act was passed.
TSCA, RCRA and CERCLA were followed in the next ten years.
Address the problems resulting from chemical and past waste.
Their futures can be managed more prudently. Other laws were also passed.
This time period includes the Safe Drinking Water Act, and the
Endangered Species Act.

Although Earth Day was Created in the U.S.The idea
Senator Gaylord NELSON (WI-D) was supported by Representative
Pete McCloskey (CA–R) (both lawyers and grass roots organizers)
Globally, environmental consciousness was also growing. The 1972 Stockholm DeclarationFrom
The UN Conference of the Human Environment is the first to be recognized
The importance of protecting the environment amid the challenges of
Economic disparities This includes the work of the United
Nations Environment Programme
, which led to the 1992 “Earth Summit” issuing the
Rio Declaration on Environment
, which placed a strong emphasis on sustainable development
and the precautionary approach in protecting the environment in
face of scientific uncertainty and creating United
Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
, which is itself
This led to the 1997 Kyoto ProtocolThe 2015 Paris AgreementAs well
as well as other global efforts that focus on climate change and resource

Humans can be found in a split second on the timeline of our planet.
We were able to focus our attention on the most important things and improve our ability to see tangible results.
Environment through laws, agreements, governmental, and private
Public support and commitments These developments are noted by me.
They were stimulated by lawyers from all sides, and not to naively suggest.
The global climate change, water accessibility, and toxic
Exposure and other environmental challenges we face today can cause exposure.
It is possible to solve the problem easily, and I do not suggest that only lawyers can.
The solution. Let’s look instead at the fact that there is hope.
There are fewer years than the Average for human life
Significant environmental changes have occurred.
Improvements in our air and water quality, as well as our collective focus
The passion for preserving the planet is now ignited.

These past efforts have made a difference in the environment.
It is not perfect, but it is demonstrable. The legal structure that enabled it
These improvements have worked – not always perfectly but
demonstrably. These issues will be addressed, hopefully, and we will continue to work together.
Despite their apparent inefficiency, they are still covered by a system of national
Global agreements and laws. The alternative is too painful.

Our firm’s Environmental Law is closing on a personal note.
One of the most respected environmental lawyers in the country was killed by practice
When you are a profession Stephen H. Armstrong died
Last week
. Steve was an early in-house environmentalist
I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside counsel when I started my focus.
The 1980s saw environmental law. He demonstrated how to respect the
Science, embrace legal challenges, fight hard to protect your client
Always act with integrity. I was a young woman when I started my career.
relative new field, he valued my opinions, supported
My professional development and with his deep, melodious laughter
His sparkle in his eyes made it feel like we were sharing a common bond.
mission. And it was a “mission” for him; I have never met
Any lawyer who cared more about their clients or worked harder to achieve them
While clients’ positions are always supported by deep reverence, they are always held in the highest regard
for doing the right things. He joined our firm in more than a decade ago.
His role as a role-model for us all continued ten years ago. Our
Environmental Law Practice of the firm and all those who participated
We will be missing him as a friend, colleague, and friend.
mentor. He has made our earth better for his existence on it.


1 “Let’s kill everything! This is the first thing we do.
lawyers.” William Shakespeare Henry VI, Part 2.Act
Iv, Scene 2 (circa 1591).

This article is meant to be a guide.
guide to the subject matter Expert advice should be sought
Learn more about your particular circumstances.

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