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Energy & Environment| Energy & Environment

Five Colorado nonprofits will each receive $75,000 from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to support local projects that improve and sustain the community’s health.

The following are recipients of Small Grants from Environmental Justice:

The grants for Colorado range from $14.1 million to $14.1 million 133 across 37 US statesWashington, D.C., Puerto Rico Ninety-nine grants were for $75,000 each, while the remaining 34 grants were for $200,000 each. The money was This information comes from the American Rescue PlanIn March, President Joe Biden signed stimulus money.

These projects will help advance a variety of projects in our states, tribes, and regions, including efforts to improve climate resilience and healthy indoor environments, sustainable energy use, water quality, and water quality in areas that most need them, KC Becker, EPA Regional Administrator, stated in a statement. She was a former speaker in the Colorado House. I look forward seeing the grant recipients realize the opportunities to improve the health of their communities.

The grants will be used to support indoor and outdoor air quality, food accessibility, community planning, water treatment and community agriculture.

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