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Entergy Arkansas Service Area Benefits from Environmental Initiatives Fund

Entergy Arkansas Service Area Benefits from Environmental Initiatives Fund

LITTLE ROCK Entergy Corp. believes its shareholders are doing their part to protect the environment by contributing more that $1 million to 14 partnering organisations through the company’s Environmental Initiatives Fund. The fund includes three programs in the Entergy Arkansas service region.

“These grants are the 21st consecutive year Entergy has earmarked funds on this scale to support work of these important local drivers for needed environmental progress,” a news release stated.

John Weiss (Vice President of Sustainability at Entergy), stated in the release that Entergy is proud to work with communities to reduce environmental risk and take advantage of opportunities for everyone’s benefit.

“Through these strategic partnerships in the environment, we support all our stakeholders as they work together to build stronger communities. These environmental projects support Entergy’s vision to create long-term sustainable value that benefits all of our stakeholders,” Weiss said.

“Entergy’s Environmental Initiatives Fund seeks out environmentally beneficial programs and projects that will improve the environment, such as reducing emissions, protecting natural resource and restoring forests and wetlands. The release stated that the fund aims to educate Entergy customers and employees, as well as communities and owners, about the importance of natural resources and other environmental improvements.

Arkansas has received the Environmental Initiative Fund this year.

Adopt a Charger received $160,000 to install 10 electric vehicle charging stations in high-profile locations throughout Arkansas.

Arbor Day Foundation received $100,000 for its tree giveaway program, which helps Entergy customers in Arkansas and Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas strategically plant trees near their homes to provide energy-savings and environmental benefits.

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Xerox Print Relief will receive more than 5,200 trees to plant as part of its Reforestation Certification Program. Entergy provides one tree per 8,200 pages printed.

“Since 2001 more than $40 million in Entergy shareholder contributions has been invested into environmentally beneficial projects and programs through The Environmental Initiatives Fund,” said the release.

“The EIF contributes to Entergy’s leadership role as a advocate for and contributor towards solutions to our most pressing environmental challenges, consistent in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It stated that the UNSDGs were created in 2015 to provide a shared blueprint for peace, prosperity, and security for people and the planet.

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