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Environment Agency completes grid clearing in Morris Brook

Environment Agency completes grid clearing in Morris Brook

The Environment Agency shared photos from its grid clearing operation at Warrington.

As part of its flood prevention efforts, teams were deployed in the town during the New Year festivities.

Over time, branches and leaves build up in the grids’ mouths, which reduces their effectiveness in draining heavy rain.

These photos show workers clearing grids at Morris Brook, near Westy Park.

Environment Agency North West posted this message on social media: “What a difference!”

It is important to clear grids such as this one in Warrington to prevent flooding.

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The grids are blocked by leaves and debris, which makes it impossible for water to flow freely.

Our teams monitor grids in the north west 24/7, 365 Days a Year.

It comes after a flood alert was issued Thursday covering a number areas in Warrington.

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