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Environment Agency issues urgent warning about flooding along Suffolk coast

Environment Agency issues urgent warning about flooding along Suffolk coast

Flooding expected across Suffolk coastline as urgent warning issued by Environment Agency

Flood warnings were issued in Suffolk, Bawdsey Quay, and Felixstowe Ferry.

According to GOV.UK, minor flooding could occur on coastal roads and footpaths between 9.15am-1.15pm.

Storm Corrie is expected increase tides.

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Bawdsey quay and front of flood defences at Felixstowe Ferry hamlet are the areas most at risk.

According to the Environment Agency (EAR), peak water levels in the region could reach nearly a metre higher than the expected level.

Residents were advised to be careful on footpaths and coastal roads and not to put their lives in danger.

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Flood warning areas are marked by red cross lines. Severe flood warnings are represented by diagonal lines. Live flood map.

Bawdsey Quay is the main warning area, Felixstowe Ferry has flood alerts labeled throughout the county, including at nearby Tidal Deben estuary.

The situation is being closely monitored and will be updated at 4pm today.

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