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Environment Agency rebrands to upset weather forecaster | News

Environment Agency rebrands to upset weather forecaster | News

ERR was told by the Taimar Ala, head of the agency: “The Environmental Agency was created in 2013 through the merger of different agencies. It was hoped this would create additional value and synergies.

Ala stated, “Abandoning distinction between the Environment Agency & the State Weather Service was the next logical step,” Ala said. He noted that there would be less in the way short-term forecasts and instead more impact based assessments. “Where we will discuss what certain weather changes might bring.”

The change will be effective April 1.

However, Taimi Paljak (weather forecaster), well-known for his weather forecasts on ETV’s weather slot after “Aktuaalne kaamera”, (AK), said that it was regrettable that the State Weather Service had been taken out of business.

She said, “We will no more operate under weather service brand, but we will be operating under the name of environmental agency.”

“The name change will not affect the synopses. However, the Estonian weather service was a well-known brand to the Estonian population. Paljak said that the name change “removes us from people” and that people might switch to foreign channels.

This issue is even more grave when one considers weather warnings, which have been issued up to now by the weather service.

Paljak stated that when the actual State Weather Service’s function was merged in 2013 with the agency, the promise was made then that it would remain under its own name.

Taimar Ala stated that no one previously employed by the weather agency would have to lose their job.

The Estonian Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology created the Environmental Agency in 2013 to reorganize previous activities (Eesti meteoroloogia ja hdroloogia instituut), and the Environmental Information Center.

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The Environmental Agency is responsible in implementing the national environmental surveillance program, the organization and analysis of data related to the environment, and the provision and distribution of weather forecasts, warnings, and monitoring data.

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