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Environment Agency steps up plastic pollution prevention for the Winter Olympics

Environment Agency steps up plastic pollution prevention for the Winter Olympics

To celebrate the Bound For Beijing challenge – Team GB’s new educational programme, supported in part by Sport England and The National Lottery – ParalympicGBs has created a scarves-and-ski-lifts version for families and schools.

This fun game features messages about plastic pollution prevention through a variety physical activities. It can be downloaded from the Bound To Beijing pages. Get set website.

Players can land on any of the 49 squares and move up or downwards with scarves and ski-lifts. You’ll also learn about positive or negative behaviors that impact the environment, such as using sustainable soap bars or reusable plastic bottles instead of single-use disposable plastic products. A physical challenge can also be offered, such as 10 star jumps.

Kelly Haynes, Environment Agency project leader, said:

We are proud to be a part of this exciting youth engagement program, which inspires through sport at home as well as abroad.

This game teaches young people the waste hierarchy and the small actions they can take every day to influence others and reduce plastic pollution.

Rosetta Primary School spokesperson, London, stated:

The Bound for Beijing Challenge offers a quick and simple physical activity that will get your class moving, while also highlighting the importance waste. The students loved the new active boardgame that featured snakes and ladders.

The Environment Agency’s plastics and sustainability team created the game for the benefit of the Interreg-funded Preventing Plastic Pollution Project.

It draws on the new national sustainability guidelines for the sports sector. This encourages readers to sign-up to the Big Plastic Pledge– A global campaign started by Hannah Mills, Olympic gold medallist, that encourages sport representatives to increase their efforts to reduce plastic waste

The initiative also supports Environment Agency’s ambitions to promote better environmental practices that reduce plastic waste. This will help achieve the goals and promises outlined in its EA2025 5-year Plan to create a better place for people and wildlife as well as the government’s 25-year Environment Plan.

Notes for editors

Interreg Preventing Plastic Pollution: PPP aims to reduce plastic pollution in rivers and marine environments. The project examines the catchment from source through sea to identify and target plastic hotspots, implements behaviour change in local communities, and offers alternatives and solutions.

PPP is a 14-million EU INTERREGVA France (Channel), England Programme project that was co-financed by European Regional Development Fund. It works mainly across Brest Harbour and Bay of Douarnenez and Bay of Veys.

Partners are the Environment Agency, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Queen Mary University of London, LABOCEA Conseil, Expertise et Analyses, Syndicat mixte tablissement public de gestion et damnagement de la baie de Douarnenez, Office Franais De La Biodiversit, Parc naturel marin dIroise, Brest Mtropole, Centre national de la recherche scientifique, Counseil dpartemental de la Manche, Institut franais de recherche pour lexploitation de la mer, The Rivers Trust, Syndicat de bassin de lElorn, ACTIMAR, Brestaim, Westcountry Rivers Trust, South East Rivers Trust, and Plymouth City Council.

Environment Agency: The Environment Agency is a regulator that prevents plastic waste from entering the environment. It does this by cracking down against waste crime and poor waste management. It is an influencer and aims to promote better environmental practices that reduce plastic waste. This helps achieve the goals and commits set out in the Environment Agency’s 5 year plan to improve the environment for people, wildlife, the environment, and the government’s 25-year environment plan.

Get Set: Get Ready – The British Olympic Foundation is responsible for delivering the official Olympic and Paralympic youth involvement programme for schools in the UK. Get Set, a legacy of London 2012, is the longest-running Olympic and Paralympic Games youth involvement programme. More information can be found at

British Olympic Association: This is the National Olympic Committee of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Its mission is to promote, develop and protect the Olympic Movement on our territory in accordance the Olympic Charter. This is what the BOA does through:

  • Working in partnership with key stakeholders and members to provide world-leading support and services to help British athletes reach their full potential at the Olympic Games, Olympic Winter Games, and other IOC sanctioned events

  • Partnering with key stakeholders and our members to provide relevant support for athletes on their journey to, during, and following their Olympic career

  • Encourage people across the United Kingdom to achieve their goals and dreams by using the Olympic Values as well as the example of Team GB Olympians

  • Being the independent voice for Olympic Sport and working with other stakeholders in sport, both domestically as well as internationally, to support the growth and health of the Olympic Movement in Britain.

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British Paralympic Association & ParalympicsGB : The British Paralympic Association & ParalympicsGB is the National Paralympic Committee in the UK. This committee is responsible for the promotion and selection of the Paralympic movement throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

ParalympicsGB represents the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Paralympic Team, competing at the winter and summer Paralympic Games. We know that the exceptional performances of our athletes have a powerful effect on the British public. They can change perceptions about disability in society and help to inspire a better world.

The BPA would appreciate the support of the National Lottery, UK Sport, and our Gold Partners adidas. Allianz. bp. British Airways. CMR Surgical. CMR Surgical. CMR Surgical. CMR Surgical. CMR Surgical. CMR Surgical. CMR surgical. CMR Surgical. CMR Surgical. CMR Surgical. CMR Surgical. CMR Surgical. CMR. Surgical. CMR Surgical. CMR Surgical. CMR McAlpine, Randox Health. More information is available at

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Sport England: Sport England, a public body, invests up 300 million National Lottery money and government money each fiscal year in programmes and projects that encourage people to get active and participate in sport.

It wants everyone in England to be able to participate in sport and exercise, regardless their background or ability. Its work focuses on people who don’t do much or very little physical activity, as well as groups that are less active, such as women, disabled people, and people with lower incomes.

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About Spirit of 2012: The London 2012 legacy fund Spirit of 2012 is what Spirit of 2012 is all about. Spirit grants grants for inclusive arts, volunteering and sports activities in communities that bring people closer together to improve their well-being.

Spirit was established by the National Lottery Community Fund with a 47 million endowment. It is intended to revive the spirit of community, pride, positivity, collaboration and community that inspired people in the UK during London 2012 Games.

Our new strategy, Happier People Happier places, focuses on creating sustainable social legacies and lasting changes in how people feel about themselves, their communities, and their environment.

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