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Environment Canada estimates that Quinte could receive up to 20cm more of snow.

Environment Canada estimates that Quinte could receive up to 20cm more of snow.

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It might be a good idea for the snow blower to be kept in the garage.

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Environment Canada has advised that a multiday snowfall event will be occurring in the region from Wednesday to Friday. It is forecasted that there will be a noticeable accumulation.

Weather forecasters stated that Quinte can expect snowfall accumulations of 10-20 cm by Friday in a Tuesday morning weather advisory.

The risk of freezing rain will accompany the snow flurries during the transition from snow to rain. [bringing]Reduced visibility due to snow and local blowing.

The snowstorm is expected Wednesday morning to continue through Friday morning.

Freezing rain or showers tonight will turn to snow Wednesday night. A quicker transition will occur in areas farther west. Environment Canada stated that snow is expected to decrease on Friday.

The temperature will fluctuate over the next few hours.

The daytime high Wednesday will be 4C. The nighttime low will be -8C.

Thursday’s mercury will drop to -15C overnight.

Environment Canada predicts that Friday will continue to be colder with temperatures of -10C during the day and -19C at night.

Quinte will not be covered by the snowfall that was recorded in the Jan. 17 storm, which blanketed the region with record-breaking weather conditions.

Environment Canada reported that a howler of a snowstorm set a new single day precipitation record in Quinte with 32.4 cm of snowfall and roughly 13 inches of precipitation.

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Environment Canada’s website states that the snowfall on this day was almost double the 16.8 cm recorded at CFB Trenton weather station in 1994.

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The national weather service said that its February forecast predicts normal snowfall patterns to Quinte and southern Ontario. This is accompanied by near-normal temperatures.

Forecasters use records from over 30 winter seasons, 1991-2020, to forecast weather patterns over time.

For example, Quinte’s weather records can be used to forecast temperatures that are close to the average over the past three decades.

Belleville is reminding residents that they can use the Snow Angels volunteer program to clear snow from their homes for those who are unable to shovel it.

The Snow Angels program doesn’t belong to the City of Belleville. It is entirely dependent on the participation of the community and volunteers.

For questions about the program, or to register, please call the accessibility coordinator at 613-967-3200, ext. 3502.

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