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Environment protection: FG approves a new policy on national biosecurity

Environment protection: FG approves a new policy on national biosecurity

The Federal Government (FG), has approved a new National Biosecurity Policy to protect the country’s environment, human health, and socio-economic development.

The policy was released by Mr Saghir al Mohammed, Director of Media, Ministry of Environment. He stated that it shows that the Federal Government is actually implementing its commitment to protect our environment.

Sharon Ikeazor (Minister of State for the Environment) stated that the approval was given at a special session of Federal Executive Council, one day before Christmas.

Federal Executive Council (FEC) approved the National Biosecurity Strategy and Action Plan 2022-2026.

This is done to protect our socio-economic growth and environment from harmful biological agents.

The policy document is designed to promote an integrated and holistic approach to biosecurity. It will be implemented using One-health for the prevention, early detection and rapid response to biothreats.

This policy is intended to foster synergy among biosecurity stakeholders in order to ensure efficient and effective operation of national biosecurity systems.

She stated that it is to ensure that all aspects, including those of National and International Agreements, Conventions, Guidelines, and other instruments on biosecurity, are properly considered.

She said that President Muhammadu Buhari, in July 2019, approved an amendment to the National Biosafety Management Agency Act 2015.

The amendment required the agency to take measures to ensure biosecurity in Nigeria.

Minister explained that the FEC meeting unanimously agreed that effective collaboration among stakeholders would help to promote a streamlined prevention, preparedness and response system against any bio-threat.

After several reviews, stakeholders approved the draft National Biosecurity Policy and Action Plan, which was then presented to the FEC for approval in September 2021.

We are extremely pleased with the approval in the environment sector. It gives the country a complete, workable document.

This document will address biosecurity concerns and ensure that bio-threats and other threats are appropriately contained and even eliminated.

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FG approves a new policy for national biosecurity|

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