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Environment Southland closes down its office following a Covid-19 visit

Environment Southland closes down its office following a Covid-19 visit

Environment Southland has now closed its offices pending further notice following a positive Covid-19 case.

Environment Southland announced that it would close its doors Friday afternoon as a precautionary measure after the contact had visited the site and met with staff over the past two days.

Environment Southland Chairman Nicol Hock said that the contact was from Horizons Regional Council, North Island who had previously visited Southland.

He said that one or two staff members who had been in close touch with the Covid-19 contact were isolated and would be tested.

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The office would remain closed up until the Covid-19 contact test results are returned. He anticipated that this could take a few days.

Friday’s report said that a person who plays football at a Palmerston North league and works for Horizons Regional Council tested positive for Covid-19. It was not known if the case had the Omicron variant.

Rob Phillips, Environment Southland chief executive, stated that systems are in place to enable staff to quickly set up and work remotely from home.

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We appreciate the fact that the visitor to my office was very open about their contact with us. This has allowed me to take precautionary measures.

The staff are not required to self isolate at this stage. Field work could continue with safety precautions in effect.

Environment Southland does not have any special interest.

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