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Environment Southland will reopen its office following a negative Covid test

Environment Southland will reopen its office following a negative Covid test

Environment Southlands offices are closed until further notice as a contact of a positive Covid-19 case has visited the premises. [File Photo]

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Environment Southlands offices are currently closed due to a positive Covid-19 Case. [File Photo]

Environment Southland has confirmed that the visitor who became close to staff members in Invercargill has tested negative against Covid-19.

Rob Phillips, Environment Southland chief Executive, said: In light of Friday’s office closure, our visitor advised us that they have tested negative to Covid-19 during their initial test.

The visitor would be kept in self-isolation until further tests.

The office will reopen Wednesday with the standard precautions in effect.

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Phillips stated that the public health office advised Phillips that since the initial test was negative, it was unlikely that the visitor was infected when they entered Environment Southland.

Environment Southland announced that it would close its doors Friday afternoon as a precautionary measure after the contact had visited the site and met with staff over the past two days.

Environment Southland Chairman Nicol Horrell stated that the contact was from Horizons Regional Council on the North Island, who had visited Southland.

He stated that only one or two of the staff who had been in close contact to the Covid-19 contact were being tested.

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Environment Southland encourages staff to work remotely if possible in accordance with Phillips’ advice to set red lights and slow down the spread Omicron variant.

It encourages people not to visit the office but to phone or email instead. Some staff may not be on site anymore.

Our office was closed as a precautionary measure while we waited to receive more information.

Phillips said that we anticipate that the Omicron version will be arriving in Southland. This will require us to make decisions again. However, our ongoing planning will ensure that we are in a position to continue operating efficiently.

Environment Southland has been working closely with the visitors employer in order to ensure they receive all the support they need during their self-isolation.

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