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Environmental Defense Fund appoints international leaders

Environmental Defense Fund appoints international leaders

(New York, February 2, 2022) The Environmental Defense Fund announced today the hiring of two global leaders to strengthen the capacity of the nonprofits around the globe. EDF scientists and economists, lawyers, and policy experts, based in New York, work in 28 different countries to put our solutions into practice.

Angela Churie KallhaugeEDF’s Executive Vice President for Impact will be joining her in April. She will be focusing on inclusive economic approaches and processes to achieve ambitious climate solutions that provide equitable benefits for people all over the globe. Churie Kallhauge joins EDF after five years at the World Bank Group, where she was the leader of the Climate Solutions Group. Leadership in Carbon Pricing CoalitionThe, a voluntary partnership between governments, businesses, civil society organizations, working to advance carbon pricing on a global agenda. Prior to joining the World Bank she worked for ten years in senior positions in the Swedish government, where she was a negotiator under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. She also led the European Unions team which negotiated issues related to adaptation, loss, damage and capacity development. She worked for two years at the International Renewable Energy Agency (Abu Dhabi) where she coordinated a strategy across all agencies on climate change issues. Churie Kallhauge, a native Kenyan, is passionate about climate solutions that improve human wellbeing worldwide and in particular in the developing world. She will be based in Washington, D.C. at the EDFs office.

Pete HarrisonAs Executive Vice President for Regions, Harrison will join EDF in April. This new role allows EDF to foster an integrated and impactful agenda across its four anchor geographies of China, Europe and India. Harrison, who is based in Brussels, has been a leader of the European Climate Foundation (ECF), for more than ten year. He has been the ECF’s executive director for EU Policy since 2018. This included preparations for the EU Green Deal. His goal is to make Europe the first continent that is climate neutral. He was previously the director of ECFs Transport Program for four years. His strategies have helped Europe make rapid progress towards phasing out combustion engines, and bringing in a new era of emobility. EDF has been a long-standing partner of ECF and we look forward for a closer partnership moving forward. Harrison is a former award-winning Thomson Reuters reporter and vice chair of Buildings Performance Institute Europe. It accelerates the transition towards zero-carbon buildings. He is on the sustainability committee of SkyNRG, an airline biofuels producer. He is an oceans enthusiast and surfer.

Harrison and Churie Kailhauge join the EDF global leadership team, which also includes Jill Duggan and Joe Bonfiglio from the U.S., Hisham Mundol from India, and Zhang Jianyu (China).

EDF President Fred Krupp stated that climate change is a global problem that requires urgent global solutions. EDF has been working in countries all over the globe for many years. EDF continues strengthening its international leadership team with the additions of Angela Churie Kallhauge & Pete Harrison. We also build our strength in America.

EDF’s first-ever head for Impact, Amanda Leland, stated that Angela has been at the intersection of global climate policy and resilience and adaptation and economic transitions, especially in the developing world. Pete brings a unique combination of humble leadership, systems thinking, and actionable results to his new role. He will support our regional teams in their collaboration, learning, and driving progress.

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Churie Kallhauge said that he is looking forward to joining the team of world-class experts and helping to take EDF’s vision to the global level to promote science-based action and include all stakeholders.

Harrison said that it is an honor to support such a talented team as they tackle environmental challenges in four important regions around the globe. I have spent the last decade in Brussels and Europe learning the importance of focusing solely on enabling key climate solutions to the built environment. Now Im excited to expand that approach to help land- and ocean ecosystems thrive in the face climate impacts.

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