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Environmental Issues and Solutions in the Food Processing Industry

Environmental Issues and Solutions in the Food Processing Industry

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The food processing company highlights HMA’s commitment in helping to restore ecological balance and reduce the climate change crisis.

Due to the rapid growth of the population, the world population will exceed 10 billion people by 2050. This means that food production must be increased to feed the future generations, but not at the cost of the environment. Feed sourcing is one of the most difficult problems facing the food processing industry. To sustain the entire process of raising poultry and cattle, it requires huge amounts of land. Clearance of large areas of land is necessary to maintain biopersity and soil depletion. This can also lead to increased levels of carbon pollution and soil depletion. Food processing plays an important role in contributing to a range of environmental issues.

When it comes to food security, there is a need for sustainable policies. HMA’s reputation is due to the sustainable method they have used. HMA organizes a huge plantation drive every year with the goal of planting at least 2,000,000 trees by 2030. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 13 and 15 are fulfilled by the reforestation policy. They are Climate Change and Life on Land.

“United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) now allows countries to earn carbon credits for planting trees. HMA has already planted more than 65000 trees, which will function as carbon sinks and therefore contribute to India’s tryst with carbon credits,” said Mr.Gulzair Ahmed, Director and CFO at HMA.

“This is the only planet we have. The power of good nutrition can make a huge difference to the planet and people. When it comes to the environment, it’s great to see HMA’s investment in innovation to build a stable food supply system for the coming generations. The plantation drive has been running throughout the year and success will be determined in the long run.” said Mr.Gulzair AhmedDirector, and CFO, at HMA Agro Industries Ltd.

Wastewater Treatment System

Because cattle are water-intensive, the blood, fat, and other waste generated during processing can be huge. The water used for processing, including cleaning, contains large amounts of animal waste, such as surface fat, hair, and blood. HMA treats the wastewater using the pretreatment system. This involves removing larger solids and separating oils. The second stage involves the most effective and robust biological treatment to remove organic loads and nitrogen from water. Anaerobic biological treatments transform the carbon in the wastewater into biogas which is used for the production of electrical energy. 

HMA also shared its wastewater minimization methods. HMA shared that high-pressure hoses commercially available and taps with automatic shut off reduce the amount wastewater generated. HMA also mentioned the optimal use of detergents, disinfectants, and washing water. HMA contributes to the horticulture and food processing industries in India. HMA plans to produce environmentally-friendly liquid and solid fertilizers in the near future.

Way Forward

HMA believes that the best combination of equipment and sustainable policies will reduce overall environmental impact. Their focus is to optimize the food supply chain, achieve sustainability, improve water efficiency, restore the environmental balance, and create value for the planet as well as the families it feeds.


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