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Environmental Policy | Sentient Media

Environmental Policy | Sentient Media

If we continue to exploit the planet our species will not be able to survive. If global food systems do not evolve, Future pandemics are not just possible, but likely.Sentient Media specializes in reporting, training programs and digital marketing to help shift conversations around these issues into action.

We are committed to achieving our mission. Build a better future for all lifeWe believe it is our responsibility as individuals to minimize our environmental impact and ensure that our team has the tools they need to make environmentally-friendly decisions.


  • Mitigating climate change is a complex, evolving issue. We try to keep up-to-date with the latest developments, and we refer to peer reviewed scientific studies to guide our decisions.
  • Our environmental policies are in constant development and some of our solutions may not be perfect. We are committed to improving and creating sustainable solutions. Please Get in touchIf you have any suggestions or advice, please let us know.
  • Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint through the following policies and further discussion and research.


  • The danger is that the role of industrial animal farming in accelerating climate crisis acceleration is not being adequately reported. Accounting for at most 14.5% of GHG emissionsYou can ignore the GHG emissions that are associated with the FeedMedia ignores the 72 billion farmed animal slaughtered each year to provide food.
  • While we don’t require our team members to eat a particular diet, we do report on, explore and discuss the impacts of animal agriculture on climate change. We also provide resources and advice to those who want to eat a plant-based diet or vegan diet.
  • Sentient Media provides or reimburses all catering that is vegan and free of palm oil.


  • Sentient Media will occasionally have an in-person awayday (maximum once per year). Staff must travel sustainably if this is possible (with some exceptions for safety and accessibility). Sustainably refers to using public transport like buses and trains, while also incorporating walking or biking where possible.
  • Sentient Media operates entirely remotely and encourages remote work. People who prefer coworking spaces are encouraged to travel to it regularly.
  • All our events and meetings can be accessed digitally.

Digital Footprint

  • Our use of third party services is a major carbon expense as we are a remote-based, web-based company. We are always looking for service providers that focus on sustainability. Our web hosting is an example of this. Greengeeks– 300% carbon neutral
  • We are also examining the environmental policies and practices of third-party vendors that we use to provide services, such as hosting or video conferencing. We’ll be evaluating suppliers for their environmental commitment as contracts are up for renewal. This will be given equal weight to costs if not more.


  • Our work depends on smartphones, laptops, and other hardware. We encourage you to buy better quality, more durable products.
  • We encourage repair and not replacement wherever possible.
  • Staff are encouraged, if possible, to give retired hardware a longer life by donating it or arranging for its reuse or recycling.


  • Sentient Media has never hosted an event in person. While we appreciate the benefits of in-person conferences we also want to ensure that such events can be managed sustainably.
  • If we were to hold an in-person event, it would be a great opportunity to encourage attendees to travel sustainably and offset their carbon. If we are arranging transport for others, then we will always offer sustainable travel wherever possible, and offset flights.
  • Paper-free, vegan and palm oil-free, as well as fairtrade, would be the rules for any in-person event. Every aspect of an in person event would be done in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.
  • Importantly, we commit to choosing locations that will allow the largest number of people to convene in a sustainable way, since our community is global.
  • As licenses are up for renewal, we will be reviewing hosting platforms and assessing them for their environmental policies.

Working Environments

  • Our team encourages paperless work environments, reusable cups, tap water, and single-use plastics for business purposes.
  • We are committed in making our team better in their homes. This is a work-in-progress area.

We want to do more

We are keen to learn more, implement better policies, and reduce our environmental impact. You can help by sharing your ideas or leading by example. Please let us have your feedback.

This policy was created by mySociety.

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