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EPA, UNDP, And Partners Hold Regional Dialogue On Protection Of Environment From Climate Change – FrontPageAfrica

EPA, UNDP, And Partners Hold Regional Dialogue On Protection Of Environment From Climate Change – FrontPageAfrica

EPA, UNDP, And Partners Hold Regional Dialogue On Protection Of Environment From Climate Change – FrontPageAfrica

GANTA The Environmental Protection Agency, along with its partners, including Sweden Sverige and the United Nations Development Program, have begun a regional dialogue about protecting the environment. It is centered on Stockholm +50, A healthy planet for the prosperity of all, Our Responsibility, Our Chance.

The dialogue aims to stimulate an inclusive and bottom-up discussion about Stockholm+50. It intends facilitate a consultation that is based peoples experiences, ideas, and for A Healthy Planet for the Prosperity and All.

The dialogue will kickoff in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, March 24, and seeks to collect recommendations from government, civil society and the private sector about priority actions that can help advance national and sectorial policies to address climate change and leverage nature’s-based solutions.

According to the organizers of the regional conversation, this can build on and inform national contributions, National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans. It will also include green economy, recovery, and the Sustainable Development Goals Framework.

Wilson Tarpeh, EPA Executive Director, told a crowd at the Buchanan kickoff that the consultation would amplify the voices of the poor and youth, indigenous groups, women, and other marginalized groups. This will help to influence the national database that takes into account the views of all stakeholders.

Mr. Tarpeh said that people from different areas needed to brainstorm about possible ways of eradicating pollution, flooding and reduction of emissions. This is so that one sector does not feel excluded from the processes that lead to possible solutions.

His statement was, however, reechoed by the Chief Technical Advisor at the EPA, Benjamin Karmorh, Jr., who maintained that the country’s environmental protection sector has continued to remain robust since its establishment in managing and protecting the habitat.

This, Mr. Karmorh claims, was also demonstrated under President George Manneh Weah’s leadership, when Liberia ratified Paris-Climate Agreement.

He further noted that government’s efforts to protect the environment show its political will to address issues of climate change, which he sees as a concern of everyone.

Climate Change is a matter of concern because it affects different sectors of society. It poses challenges to the vulnerable such as women, children, and people with disabilities.

Karmorh expressed that Tarpeh’s hopes that action to protect the climate would be achieved relatively to adaptation and mitigation.

Mr. Karmorh stated that this gathering is important for addressing the problem of coastal erosion and flooding which can affect agriculture as well illegally hunting wildlife in the biodiversity sector.

He, however, maintained that the protection of the environment can’t be done by the EPA alone, but with the participation of everyone, for which he believes the forum was essential.

Stephen Rodriques, United Nations Development Program Resident Representative made remarks at Stockholm +50 regional dialogue about the environment. He also stated that the climate change issues are not limited to Liberia. They affect the entire world.

Changes are occurring all over the globe and it is important that the environment not be affected by them.

Rodriques says that there is a need for a mechanism to ensure that future generations are protected from any changes that continue to impact the world.

He said it is no doubt that climate change is resulting in natural disasters around the world and the need to find solutions can’t be overemphasized.

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Rodrigues stated that by protecting the environment against natural threats, there will not be a crisis in food insecurity or unsafe drinking water challenges in certain parts of the world.

Urban Sjostrom (the Swedish Ambassador in Monrovia), stated that all voices are important in a discussion about possible solutions to the threats posed climate change.

Amb. Amb.

Ambassador Sjostrom urges everyone to get involved in the fight against climate changes as a way to save the planet from natural disasters.

EPA will prepare a report at the conclusion of these consultations that will be used to help the global effort to find solutions for environmental crises.

Stockholm +50 national consultation-Liberia aims to create a healthy planet for all.

It is the continuation of a 1972 Stockholm global community meeting on how human behavior in relation to the environment was never in the correct direction.

In the end, the international community realized that it was necessary to take measures to protect the environment from human interference, which led to The Stockholm Declaration.

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