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Epoxy resin endangers environment | Rome Daily Sentinel

Epoxy resin endangers environment | Rome Daily Sentinel

The use of epoxy resin has increased over the past five years, resulting in an excessive amount of waste and health risks. Epoxy resin is a strong substance that can pose danger if not properly disposed of. If we limit the amount sold of epoxy resin and distinguish between necessary and unneeded usage, this waste will continue to pose dangers to our environment and our lives.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine conducted a recent study that found epoxy resin won’t naturally decompose. It was also found that epoxy resin must be burned to get rid of it. This releases toxic chemicals into the atmosphere making it unsafe to do so without proper precautions. Statistica reported that the US has seen an increase in epoxy resin usage by over 20 billion pounds since 2015.

This is worrying for everyone involved, as epoxy waste contains dangerous chemicals such as hydrogen, cyanide phenol,benzene and naphthene.

The National Institute of Health published an article about two men who suffered from peripheral neuropathy (damage to the nervous system) due to these chemicals. This makes the issue of resin-waste even more complicated.

It should be considered unacceptable to use epoxy resin for its health and environmental risks.

Ryenn Adamo, Verona

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Editor’s Note: This letter is one of several submitted as part of a class assignment of the MVCC American National Government dual credit class at Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Central School. Ken Regner was the teacher.

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