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Eritrea: Workshop for Increasing Contribution of Partners in Redressing Environment

Eritrea: Workshop for Increasing Contribution of Partners in Redressing Environment

Asmara, 27/04/2022 – The Forestry and Wildlife Authority held a one-day workshop in Asmara on 26 April to clarify objectives and increase the contribution of stakeholders and partners in redressing our environment.

Col. Kinfe habtom, the General Manager, of the Authority, spoke at the event where Ministers, Army Commands, Regional Governors, Heads of Government Institutions and National Associations as well religious leaders participated. He stated that the Authority has made commendable efforts to plant tree seedlings in many parts of the country and to conduct water and soil conservation activities to help stabilize and redress the environment.

Col. Kinfe outlined the main objectives of all administrations at all levels, Defense Forces and Security and media outlets, Ministry of Energy and Mines and Ministry of Security. He called for an integrated effort to address the problems encountered, including illegal deforestation and other activities that negatively affect the environment.

Minister of Land, Water and Environment, Mr. Tesfay Geselasie, stated that global climate change and the destruction of the natural environment are the major global calamities. He called for all stakeholders to make a concerted effort to preserve the forests and restore the environment to its original state.

Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Arefaine Berne, explained his view on the expected contributions of the Ministries of Defense, Land, Water and Environment, Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Authority, and national associations. He also called for the creation of a coordinating board under the auspices of Forestry and Wildlife Authority.

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Participants engaged in extensive discussion about the reports presented and made various recommendations.

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